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CSU Dominguez Hills offers a wide selection of affordable degrees respected by leading employers, and reflecting today’s most relevant, dynamic, and in-demand fields. Our undergraduate and graduate degrees, certificate, and credential programs provide flexible optionsallowing students to customize their education to meet their academic and professional goals. CSUDH's distinguished faculty includes internationally recognized scholars and celebrated authors. Our forward-thinking students work and study at state-of-the-art facilities. We boast more than 100,000 alumni, including leaders in the fields of business, journalism, science, performing arts, and politics, among others.

The university’s success is built on the tradition of support from friends and alumni who have chosen to make CSUDH's success a priority. Their commitment and vision helped make CSUDH the vibrant, thriving institution it is. Offering this same support is the best thing you can do for today’s students and faculty, as well as for the generations of Toros to come.

The generosity of our donorspeople just like youis what funds groundbreaking research, builds high-tech buildings and labs, and provides the resources we need to attract and retain excellent professors and bright students. It also is what keeps the lights on, the dining facilities running, and the campus looking beautiful. Generosity is what makes our campus come alive. So why give?

People give to CSUDH for all sorts of reasons. They give because they believe in our mission or because they received scholarships and want to pay that generosity forward. People give in memory of friends or loved ones, or because of the fond memories they hold from their time on campus. Some people give simply because they are avid fans of the CSUDH Toros!

There are many reasons to make a gift to the university. What's yours?

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