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Past Events

2019-2020 South Bay Economic Forecast Conference

The South Bay Economic Forecast is an annual event where our economics experts take the stage alongside innovative industry representatives from the South Bay to discuss the exciting opportunities and critical issues facing our regional economy. 

An economic outlook report is produced to inform regional governments, companies, and investors about the strengths and areas of growth for the South Bay economy. 

2018-2019 South Bay Economic Forecast Conference

Download the printable version: 2018-2019 South Bay Economic Forecast [PDF]

Cultivating Entrepreneurship in your Communities

Exploring best practices, challenges and solutions for City Economic Development Offices to promote entrepreneurial activity, especially around emerging issues and sectors such as cannabis legalization, street vendors, food trucks, bioscience, and hi-tech.

21st Century Workforce 

The 21st Century Workforce conference was sponsored by the California State University Transportation Consortium and the South Bay Workforce Investment Board, and was organized by the South Bay Economics Institute and the South Bay Cities Council of Governments. The conference featured researchers from RAND and CSUDH alongside telework consultants and representatives of co-working spaces.

This conference explored:

  • Trends shaping the future workforce and workplaces.
  • Current problems and opportunities facing employers and workers.
  • Strategies and policy solutions to improve productivity and attract talent.

Speed Tech Conference

The Speed Tech Conference was funded by the South Bay Workforce Investment Board and organized by the South Bay Economics Institute. Alongside CSUDH researchers were: 

  • ​Jacki Bacharach, Executive Director of the South Bay Cities Council of Governments, discussing the South Bay Broadband Initiative, 
  • Arno Harthold, USC Institute for Creative Technologies researcher, discussing Virtual Humans for Training and Education,
  • Michael McClune and Chris Lynch, The International Business Accelerator, discussing the Use of Tech as a Global Growth Strategy for Business.