Basic Needs

Basic Needs - Food Pantry

CSUDH is building out a Basic Need's Food Pantry to assist and support CSUDH students who may experience food challenges, such as skipping one or more meals per day. The food pantry will include two freezers, two refrigerators for fresh food storage, and food racks for dry goods. The space will also include convenient food lockers for additional storage. Located near the College of Education ground level near the Loker Student Union loading dock, the space will also include office space for Basic Needs staff. The space totals 2,800 square feet. Construction is expected to be completed by June 2023.

Floor Plans

Construction Photo Gallery:
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November 2, 2022:

Under construction food pantry viewed from the entrance   Food pantry under construction. Dirt mounds and ladder in background   Room with no door and no window pane, construction equipment.

Basic Needs Construction Photo 4   Basic Needs Construction Photo 5   Large, open room with holes in ceiling and plastic-covered equpment

Two large pieces of equipment covered and hole in wall   Blueprints atop equipment and hole in wall   Large, open room with trash bin in middle

Open room with ladder in back and equpment on floor   Wall with newly installed ventilation vents   Hole in ceiling where air vents will be installed

Large, yellow storage shelf covered in plastic