Facilities Planning, Design & Construction

The Department of Facilities Planning, Design and Construction (FPD&C) is responsible for long- and short-term campus planning and the implementation of strategic solutions for the space needs of the university. In order to maximize space utilization, the department works with university administration and faculty to develop space programs for the campus, including new buildings and renovations.

The department is responsible for issuing building permits, and enforcing building, life-safety, and accessibility codes for all campus projects. Additionally, FPD&C provides support for the various phases of design and construction relative to major and minor capital projects.

FPD&C Services include:

  • Building code compliance
  • Space generation, utilization, and allocation studies (including the maintenance of the Space and Facilities Database)
  • Project coordination during design and bid phases
  • Project management/administration during and after the construction phase
  • Generation of the Capital Improvement Programs
  • Project cost estimating, scoping, and scheduling services for proposed projects

Let us know if our office can assist you with your space planning needs. We invite you to explore our website to discover information on campus buildings, watch the progress of new projects under construction, and learn about our exciting future plans.