Campus Master Plan

CSU Board of Trustees Approval of Master Plan 2019

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California Environmental Quality Act

What is a Campus Master Plan?

The Campus Master Plan is a road map to the future of the physical campus, a plan for the facilities and systems needed to achieve the University’s core mission, enrollment goals, as well as academic, student life and administrative goals. The Campus Master Plan will be developed with input from the University community as well as the surrounding community and the City of Carson.

Why Update the Current Campus Master Plan Now?

Begun under the leadership of President Willie J. Hagan and continuing under the leadership of President Thomas A. Parham, CSUDH is moving in a positive direction toward enhancing the academic core of our physical campus. The University has received approval from the CSU Board of Trustees to build a new Science & Innovation Building, which should break ground in 2017, and we anticipate approval to develop new student housing. The University is also in discussions on how to better utilize our campus land to support additional academic facilities and the renovation of existing buildings.

An update to the campus master plan allows the University to address these exciting opportunities within the context of collectively defining our preferred vision for the campus. The update will allow the University to examine where we are now and create the framework for achieving where we want to be.

While any update of our campus master plan would not change our capacity for student full time enrollments of up to 20,000, it should reflect our highest ambitions, our mission, and our commitment to our students’ academic experience and improving connections with our neighbors.

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