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Requesting the Services of Facilities Planning, Design and Construction

How To Request A Project

Submitting a project request is simple. Please click on the following Project Request Form [PDF]  to initiate campus capital projects (including space requests). All design and construction service requests will be routed to our department and you will be contacted in a timely manner. This includes; projects funded by the campus, donors, grants, and auxiliary organizations.

To initiate a project, complete the form and send it via email to FPD&C by clicking on the "submit" button on the top, right-hand corner of the document.

If you would like to discuss your project, please contact Design and Construction.

We can assist with:

        • Estimating Services 
        • Walking through a project to help determine the scope of work
        • Walking through a project to determine potential code impacts due to a renovation
        • Requesting a design and/or construction cost estimate for a project
        • Requesting a project for design and construction with a defined scope and budget.

If your proposed project entails basic refurbishment like painting, carpeting, repairs, or maintenance, please contact Facilities Services and submit an online Work Request.

Building Permit

FPD&C is mandated to enforce building, life-safety, and accessibility codes for all campus construction projects (State University Administrative Manual 9232). All design and construction must be in compliance with the latest edition of the California Building Code (CBC). A Building Permit is required whenever a building or structure is erected, constructed, enlarged, repaired, improved, removed, converted, or demolished (CBC Section 106).

No physical work may be initiated without a permit approved by the campus Deputy Building Official. The Deputy Building Official is a campus-appointed individual responsible for campus-specific building code administrative and operational control. This individual acts as a deputy under the authority of the CSU Building Official, who is responsible for the overall administration and operational control of the building code.

All campus departments, auxiliaries, vendors, or students proposing to undertake construction projects with their own funds must have their project reviewed and approved by FPD&C, and have a Building Permit issued before soliciting bids for construction of the project. Building Permits are required for any contractor working on campus (not under the direction of Facilities Services and/or Facilities Planning, Design and Construction).

Non-Project related move request

In order for FPDC to efficiently plan all non-project related moves using contracted or internal resources, and ensure that chargeable moves are being properly billed to requestors, please follow some guidelines listed below.

  • All move requests must be initiated via the Non-project related move request form. All voicemails and emails will only be accepted as FYI.
  • Please be sure to contact IT and submit a ticket when planning a move to coordinate phone/ extension relocation 
  • Upon receipt of request, our moving specialist will determine if the work can be completed in-house or through contracted services utilizing FPDC agreement 
  • The specialist will work with client on specific requirements of move and scheduling work based on timelines and available resources. FPDC is responsible for the authorization, coordination, and scheduling with contract movers. All moves using contract movers are able to be charged to the requesting organization
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