Human Services

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The mission of the program is to provide diverse members of the community with a university education that focuses on the knowledge and skills to help those in need. The bachelor's degree in Human Services prepares students for occupations in human service settings and in social work, or for graduate training.

Program Description

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The Human Services major at CSUDH is a single subject major (no minor required) that prepares students who earn the B.A. degree for employment in a variety of professional service careers. This major is interdisciplinary and combines courses from Human Services, Child Development, Health Sciences, Leisure Studies, Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology and other areas. It is similar to a degree in social work, and it is a great major for people who want meaningful jobs helping others and serving their communities.

This interdisciplinary program includes:

  • A set of core courses that provide a broad background of the knowledge and skills needed to help improve the quality of life of those in need.
  • Electives that provide specialized, in-depth training in an area of concentration chosen and designed by the student.
  • Supervised work in the field of human services through a series of fieldwork courses.
  • Full day, evening, and Saturday programs are offered.

The major appeals to caring, socially concerned, people-oriented individuals who want to learn how to serve the community effectively. Human services help those in need through:

  • Counseling
  • Education
  • Outreach
  • Training
  • Program development
  • Care giving
  • Advocating
  • Group facilitation
  • Organizing
  • Problem solving
  • Planning
  • Administration

Evaluation and a variety of direct and indirect services.

These services are provided through a wide range of government and private agencies and organizations, such as mental health agencies, family service centers, geriatric care, detox centers, educational settings, the corrections system, recreation departments, children's services, hospitals, community groups, Department of Children and Family Services, and many others.