STEM Math Placement

Math Placement For STEM Majors @ CSUDH

The following information is for incoming first year students in the following majors: Mathematics, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Computer Science and Physics. Students in any other majors, as well as transfer students should contact an advisor for help in choosing a math class for Fall.

Initial Placement

Your initial math placement will be made based on the math level you received from the CSU Chancellor's Office as follows:

Level II: MAT 153 (Pre-Calculus)

Level III & IV: MAT 103 (Introduction to College Algebra)

Course Descriptions

MAT 153 (Pre-Calculus) is a one semester Pre-Calculus course designed to help you gain a thorough understanding of functions and review important skills for calculus. MAT 153 fulfills the prerequisite for Calculus I (MAT 191).

MAT 103 (Introduction to College Algebra) is the first semester of a two semester Pre-Calculus course that covers the same content as MAT 153, but includes additional Algebra review to make sure you are ready for success in Calculus. You will need to take MAT 103 in Fall followed by MAT 151 in Spring to fulfill the prerequisite for Calculus I (MAT 191).

AP Scores

You can qualify to take Calculus I (MAT 191) by earning a 3 on the Calculus AB exam, and you can take Calculus II (MAT 193) if you earn a 4 or 5 on the Calculus AB exam. If you qualify for Calculus I or II based on AP scores, please contact Sheila Wood, to submit AP scores to the mathematics department.

Want to take a different course?

If you want to take a course different from your initial placement, you can participate in the Calculus Success Academy where you will be able to take a placement exam that can qualify you to take a different course. You can do this by participating in our STEM First-Year Interest Group. Click here to find out more about what a FIG is and why you should participate. Click here to see which FIG cohorts are available and to sign up!


Contact Sharon Lanaghan, STEM Pathway Coordinator, or Matt Jones, Mathematics Department Chair,