Program Description

The Mathematics Department currently offers several programs of study: 

  • The Bachelor of Science in Mathematics
  • The Minor in Mathematics¬†
  • Introductory Mathematics Subject Matter Authorization
  • Master of Arts in Teaching of Mathematics

See the University Catalog for more details on each of these offerings.

Program Assessment

The success of our program is reflected in our graduates' mastery of course material and their ability to pursue careers in graduate study, education, industry, and government. We also consider students' general level of satisfaction with their program.

Mastery of course material is measured by performance on tests, projects, assignments, and/or portfolios.

Students' success after graduation is measured by surveying students who have graduated from our program, their graduate directors and advisors, their administrators and colleagues, and employers.

Students' satisfaction with our program is measured by looking at trends in enrollments and surveying current students and graduates from the program.

Program Preparation

The CSU Early Start program helps prepare entering freshmen for college work the summer before they begin their degree program. For more information about Early Start at CSUDH, visit the Early Start program website or read the FAQ.

Undergraduate Students hoping to become math teachers

Undergraduate students may prepare for a career teaching mathematics in high school or middle school by completing an approved Subject Matter Preparation Program. Completion of such a program is the first step toward meeting the state's requirements for a teaching credential.

Interested students should consult a faculty advisor for current information about the requirements for the Subject Matter Preparation Program.

To schedule an appointment with an advisor please contact Ms. Sheila Wood at (310) 243-2203 or visit our Center for Mathematics and Science Education in the Natural Sciences and Mathematics (NSM) Building, Room A115. Links to information regarding testing, credential requirements, etc. are available below.