Math Department Student Mixer
Posted 2/8/2022

Come meet other mathematics students and our math faculty on Wednesday, Feb 16 @ 2:30 PM in the NSM Courtyard!

Learn about the Math Department and the Math Club. Have a snack and say hello! The event is outdoors and masks are required.

Math Dept Welcome Mixer

Math Club Senior Sendoff
Posted 11/30/2021

Senior Sendoff Flyer

Join the Math Club on Wednesday, December 1, 2021 @2:30 PM to celebrate our graduating seniors!

Visit for more information.

Last Fall 2021 HOMES Seminar
Posted 10/12/2021

Our last HOMES seminar will take place on Wednesday, November 10, 2021.

Meet other students and work together on interesting and fun math! You can attend either in person or online.

Click here for flyer. Click here to regsiter.


About the Math Department

Mathematics is about number operations and algebra, motion and change (calculus and differential equations), logical analysis, scientific visualization, structure and geometry, the prediction of random events (probability), the extraction of useful information from large sets of data (statistics), and the discovery of the best ways to do things (optimization). It is abstract and theoretical, and intensely down-to-earth and practical, all at the same time.

The mathematics major and minor prepare students for exciting and rewarding work in industry, careers in teaching, and for advanced post-baccalaureate study.

Our calculus, differential equations, analysis, and probability and statistics courses enable science students to analyze data and predict outcomes in static and dynamic situations.

Our foundations, discrete math and algebra courses give students the tools they need for rigorous logical and structural analysis and a deep conceptual understanding of quantitative situations.

Our mathematics education courses prepare students to be outstanding teacher leaders with a deep knowledge of mathematics and the best practices in teaching.

Our general education courses give the general student the mathematical background she or he needs to function in life as an educated and informed citizen in an increasingly quantitative and data-driven world.

The Mathematics Department makes every effort to offer its courses at times that are convenient for students.