Multiple and Single Subject Credentials

Multiple and Single Subject Credentials 

The Multiple Subject Program prepares candidates to earn a Preliminary Multiple Subject Teaching Credential, authorizing them to teach in a self-contained public classroom, usually grades kindergarten through six.  The Single Subject Program prepares candidates to complete their Preliminary Single Subject Credential authorizing them to teach a specific subject such as English or Math, typically in public middle and high school classrooms in California.

Admissions Requirements to Multiple and Single Subject Programs 

Admissions Requirements

Preliminary Credential Application Deadlines

Spring Semester

  • Priority Deadline: October 1
  • Final Deadline: November 1

Fall Semester

  • Priority Deadline: May 1
  • Final Deadline: June 1

University Intern Program

The University Interns Program provides an opportunity for qualified candidates to work as teachers of record while completing their pre-service preparation.  Internships are an alternative to a traditional practicum and student teaching. Students may only become university interns after meeting all requirements including completing prerequisite classes and having an offer of employment with a school which meet all of the program’s criteria.