Teacher Education

Welcome to the Teacher Education Department in the College of Education (COE) at California State University, Dominguez Hills (CSUDH). The faculty congratulates you on your decision to pursue a teaching credential, master’s degree, dual language authorization or certificate in a quality program that will prepare you to meet the needs of your future students who deserve intelligent, enthusiastic, and dedicated professionals. The faculty will support you in this effort and look forward to the opportunity of helping you reach your goal of becoming a credentialed teacher or to assume advanced roles in the field of education. 

Teacher Education Department (TED) consists of 3 main programs, Multiple Subject (Elementary), Single Subject (Middle/High School), and the Master of Arts in Education.

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Teacher Education Programs

Preliminary Credentials

Multiple Subject and Single Subject

The program offers a developmental coursework and field sequence that effectively prepares candidates to teach K-12 students and to understand the contemporary conditions of schools. The Multiple Subject (MS) and Single Subject (SS) programs offer a variety of options that lead to the preliminary credential.

Master of Arts in Education

Curriculum and Instruction

The MA in Education – Curriculum & Instruction (C&I) option is designed for individuals committed to justice and equity in education. This program prepares candidates to assume advanced roles in the field of education. The coursework provides a broad conception of curriculum design, development, and instruction supported with evidence-based best practices, develop and engage in real-time intervention studies to demonstrate critical thinking and research writing skills.”

Dual Language Learning

The Master of Arts (MA) in Education – Dual Language Learning has a distinct focus on supporting educators and their students through Heritage Language Learner approaches that embody culturally & linguistically sustaining and translanguaging pedagogies. The program offers a unique set of courses and develops different methodological, pedagogical, and theoretical skill sets and is a pathway to the Bilingual Authorization in Spanish.

Dual Language Learning

Bilingual Authorization

This program is for post-undergraduate students who want to pursue a teaching career in bilingual/dual language/multilingual elementary schools. Students will complete the Bilingual Authorization and Multiple Subject Credential requirements simultaneously.

Dual Language Certificate

The Dual Language Learning Certificate is designed for credentialed educators committed to justice and equity in inclusive bilingual/dual language/multilingual PK–12 settings, and who want to develop expertise in translanguaging and multilingualism through frameworks related to power and resistance, intersectionality, critical pedagogies, educational justice, ethnic studies, and critical literacies. Students who are enrolled in other MA programs within the COE and CSUDH may consider adding the DLL Certificate to their graduate degree to demonstrate added areas of expertise and specialization. Students in this pathway will complete the Bilingual Authorization and certificate requirements simultaneously.

Teacher Induction

The Teacher Induction Program is designed for Multiple Subject, Single Subject, and/or Education Specialist teachers with CA Preliminary Credentials who seek a Commission-approved Induction program that will support and advance their professional knowledge, skills and abilities.