Faculty Resources and Support

College of Education provides policies and guidelines for the evaluation of lecturer and tenure-track or tenured faculty. The College has additional policies and procedures for the Retention, Tenure and Promotion Process (RTP). 

Faculty Evaluations

The College of Education follows University and Collective Bargaining Agreement procedures for the evaluation of lecturer and tenure-track/tenured faculty.

Lecturer and Non-Tenure Track Faculty Evaluations

Non tenure track faculty teaching in the current academic year may be required to undergo a performance evaluation during the upcoming evaluation cycle. The vision of the College of Education (COE) is as follows: “Grounded in principles of justice, equity, and critical consciousness, we are committed to reflective, responsive, and purposeful praxis in teaching, scholarship, and leadership. Alongside the communities we serve, we prepare critical educators to co-create and enact transformative change.” In order to achieve our vision, our mission notes that we aim to “construct brave spaces that foster the holistic development of educators. Together, we challenge and dismantle systems of power and privilege in institutions of education.” It is in this context that we apply university policy and the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the CSU and the California Faculty Association that dictate how we evaluate lecturers.  

Please note that depending on the nature of your appointment, some evaluations are optional, and others are mandatory. If you are scheduled to be evaluated, you will be notified by your Department Chair and the COE Dean’s office will send you a personalized link to upload materials before the due date. If you are to be evaluated, you are responsible for providing materials requested of you. The required materials include a current Curriculum Vitae (CV) and representative course syllabi, as well as any other materials you wish to be considered in the review process. The department review committee will access your Perceived Teaching Effectiveness (PTE) evaluations, so you do not need to submit them. Materials are to be submitted in electronic form as .PDF files. 

In the dropbox link here you will find my official letter of notification, the evaluation timeline, and required materials and review criteria (Password: 1409). Please reach out to your Department Chair or Graduate Program Director with any questions.

Evaluation Documents Dropbox

Retention, Tenure and Promotion (RTP) Process

The College updated its Retention, Tenure and Promotion (RTP) policy in spring 2023. It is available in the dropbox below along with COE RTP guidelines. The policy and all other associated university policies and information are available on the Faculty Affairs & Development website:


RTP policy

COE RTP guidelines

Evaluation of Teaching

College of Education faculty participate in online evaluations of teaching via the “Perceived teaching Effectiveness” survey. Please see Faculty Affairs & Development’s website for more information: