Parent & Family Orientation

Parent & Family Orientation (PFO) provides an opportunity for parents, family members, and all student supporters of first-year, first-time students (freshmen) to engage with the university community. The orientation aims to create a welcoming environment and serve as a valuable resource for families to enhance their understanding of the university environment, connect with others, and play a supportive role in their student's college experience.

Parent & Family Orientation Registration

To register, you'll need:

  • Your student’s CSUDH ID number.
  • The confirmed date for your student’s First Year NSO Day 1 date.
  • A debit card or credit card to cover the cost.

You may register for Parent & Family Orientation here.

Key components of PFO include:

Learn About CSUDH: PFO offers comprehensive information about CSUDH. This includes an overview of the campus, its facilities, and the academic and extracurricular opportunities available to students.

Understand Policies: Families will learn about the university's policies, procedures, and expectations. This knowledge is crucial for providing support to students and ensuring a smooth transition into university life.

Meet Other CSUDH Families: Attendees have the chance to connect with other families who share similar experiences and concerns. Building a network with fellow families can provide valuable insights and a sense of community.

Supporting Your Student: The orientation program focuses on equipping parents and family members with the tools to support their students throughout their academic journey. This may include guidance on navigating challenges, understanding academic resources, and promoting overall well-being.

Ask Your Questions: Attendees are encouraged to actively participate by asking questions. This interactive element allows families to address specific concerns or seek clarification on any aspect of university life.

New Student Orientation for first-time first-year students can be found here.

Who is PFO for?

PFO is a program designed specifically for parents, family members, and student supporters of incoming first-time, first-year students (freshmen).

Is PFO Required?

We enthusiastically encourage you to attend PFO, however, participation in this program is entirely optional.

When is PFO?

PFO runs concurrently with the First-Year New Student Orientation (NSO). To participate, PFO guests need to attend on the same day as their student's scheduled NSO Day 1. Visit NSO for more information.

PLEASE NOTE: The PFO program runs simultaneously with NSO, offering a dedicated experience tailored to meet the specific needs of parents and support members. While you'll have the chance to conclude the day with your student, please be aware that your program will be separate.

If you are unable to participate in PFO on the same day as your student's scheduled NSO Day 1 date but still want to attend PFO, kindly get in touch with us at to inquire about possible accommodations.

Is there a fee associated with PFO?

There is a non-refundable $30 fee per guest (2 guest maximum). At this time, we only accept Debit or Credit Card. Children aged 12 and under may attend at no cost; however, if you're bringing a child, please make sure to pack a lunch or bring money to buy lunch at the student union. The PFO fee includes parking, a light breakfast, lunch, and a Welcome Bag.

How long is PFO?

PFO will begin promptly at 8:00 a.m. and conclude at 2:30 p.m. Check-in will open at 7:30 a.m. Optional activities will take place following the conclusion of PFO and NSO. Further details will be provided closer to the orientation dates.

How do I register for PFO?

Before you register, you’ll need:

  • Your student’s CSUDH ID number.
  • The confirmed date for your student’s First Year NSO Day 1 date.
  • A Debit or Credit Card to cover the cost.

You may register for Parent & Family Orientation here.

PLEASE NOTE: To plan accordingly, PFO registration deadline for PFO is June 1.

What if I have additional questions about PFO?

Please contact Parent & Family Programs by emailing

How can I get involved if I cannot attend PFO?

Although participation in PFO is strongly recommended, there are numerous ways to engage beyond orientation. You can subscribe to Toro Family Connection for campus updates, event information, and helpful tips for families and student supporters. Additionally, you can join the CSUDH Parent Academy.

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