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The following links are intended to be helpful to physics students in the pursuit of their studies.and all others who are interested in physics.

American Institute of PhysicsAmerican Institute of Physics
Access to on line AIP journal packs; Information on jobs and current salaries; links to AIP member societies.

Physics iconInstitute of Physics
The Institue of Physics is a leading international body and learned society with over 37,000 members, whcih promotes the advancement and dissemination of knowledge of physics, pure and applied.

Physics World bookPhysics Web
Physics news, jobs, and resources. Digital version of Physics World.



Museum of Unworkable Devices iconMuseum of Unworkable Devices Physics Gallery

Interesting site. By understanding why devices don't work, one learns some basics of how things do work.



Hubble TelescopeThe Hubble Site
Incredible shots of the cosmos and much more.


Helix NebulaThis image of Helix Nebula is a composite picture from the Hubble Telescope and the Mosaic Camera on the NSF's 0.9-meter telescope at Kitt Peak National Observatory near Tucson. The image shows a fine web of filamentary "bicycle-spoke" features embedded in the colorful red and blue ring of gas. At 650 light-years away, the Helix is one of the nearest planetary nebulae to Earth. A planetary nebula is the glowing gas around a dying, Sun-like star.