Career Planning

Graduates with Political Science majors or minors from CSUDH have pursued a broad variety of careers. These include teaching, law, law enforcement, public administration, business, journalism, and international service. CSUDH graduates, including those with advanced graduate and law degrees, are employed as attorneys, public administrators, business executives, and teachers in schools and universities. Others work as labor union officials and a few have been elected to public office. Graduates from our program are employed both within and outside the United States .

The best undergraduate education for all careers develop critical thinking, communication and research skills. Course work and extra-curricular activities such as participation in Model United Nations conferences, writing for the campus newspaper and experiential internships will improve these skills. Some professions require graduate or law school training after the Bachelor's degree. Faculty advisers in the department will help you select the courses and an academic program most appropriate for your career goals. They also will explain interesting extra-curricular opportunities supported by the department.


An undergraduate degree in Political Science is recommended for entrance to graduate school in Political Science, with the doctorate essential for teaching at the four-year college or university level. Students may prepare for a career in teaching History/Social Science at the secondary level (junior high or high school) by completing an approved "Subject Matter Preparation Program." Completion of such a program is the first step in meeting the state requirements for a teaching credential. As the program requirements for the "Subject Matter Preparation Program" in Social Science have changed recently, interested students should contact the History Department for current information.


Many Political Science majors intend to practice law as a career. We advise pre-law students to select the General Political Science Concentration and work closely with a pre-law adviser who will explain law school undergraduate preparation, entrance requirements, school choice and career possibilities.

Public Administration:

A major in Political Science with a public administration or public policy emphasis can prepare students for civil service careers at international, national, and local levels of government. These careers require both specialized skills and a general understanding of political processes. The General Political Science Concentration, internship experience and possibly graduate training are recommended for those interested in public administration.


A Political Science major can prepare students for an attractive career in journalism. The General concentration along with practical experience working on the university newspaper is highly recommended.


Many Political Science graduates have found employment in business. Preparation for this career involves a broad liberal arts background, combined with knowledge of governmental processes and organization, public administration, finance, decision-making, organizational behavior and the processes by which political decisions are made about economic policy. Political Science majors interested in business should consider selecting a business minor.


Enterprising individuals can use their Political Science degree to pursue a variety of interests in the field of politics. These include international and foreign service as well as political campaign management, speech writing, survey research, policy research, public relations, lobbying, fund raising and so forth. Opportunities result from the initiative of the individual, proper skill development and academic advising. All students should make a regular habit of discussing their academic and career plans with faculty advisers and fellow students including members of the Association of Political Science Students. The Association maintains a small library of materials on career and internship opportunities, law and graduate school catalogs and courses texts.