Culture of Care

The CSUDH commitment to justice, equity, and inclusion is rooted in an ethos of love. Therefore, we take pride in cultivating a caring community that will provide the physical and social infrastructure necessary to support a sense of belonging and well-being for all Toros. While celebrating the assets they bring to the university, we will address the academic, social, cultural, and emotional needs of our Toro community.

Goal: Promote and prioritize a coordinated community wellness model to support the holistic well-being of all Toros by expanding and growing the newly formed Toro Wellness Hub. The Toro Wellness Hub is a partnership between Human Resources and the Student Health Center to provide equitable access to quality health information and coordinated activities for the campus community.

Key Activities:

  • By Fall of 2022, the Toro Wellness Hub will collaborate with the Toro Hour Committee to integrate wellness programs and services into Toro Hour.
  • By Spring 2023, the campus will assemble a Toro Wellness Committee comprised of students, staff, faculty, administrators who can support the mission and goals of the Toro Wellness Hub.
  • By Spring 2024, the campus will launch a campus wellness baseline assessment that will identify current wellness efforts, wellness needs of the campus, and gaps in service delivery for campus stakeholders. Assessment will also document health efforts and disaggregated participation data in the various departments/areas across campus.
  • By Fall 2025, the campus will allocate resources and establish a budget to support the promotion of coordinated wellness including adding program support staff, communication materials, and digital wellness resources.
  • By Spring 2026, the campus will conduct an assessment of community-based wellness partners and health care providers to develop mutually beneficial strategic partnerships.
  • By Fall 2026, the campus will build an active donor base and identify funding opportunities that support wellness activities and research in our community. Such activities may include but are not limited to support faculty research, student wellness initiatives, and specific health and wellness interventions (i.e. blood pressure monitoring, glucose screening, etc.).
  • By January 2028, the campus will create a physical Toro Wellness Hub in the new CSUDH Wellness and Recreation Center.