Office of the President

Dr. Thomas A. Parham

President Parham Welcomes You To CSUDH

Welcome to the website for CSUDH President Thomas A. Parham. Here you will find information about President Parham's experience and commitment to educational excellence, as well as his writings, speeches, and campus initiatives.

"I want to be a purveyor of hope in recognizing that 'trouble don't last always,' that the vast majority of us are committed to change, and that things will get better in the months and years ahead."
- President Thomas A. Parham

President Event Attendance and Speaker Request

President Parham takes great pride in representing the university at events. He makes every effort to participate in events that further the university's mission and support the community. The Office of the President attempts to accommodate those requests. Follow these guidelines to request the President's attendance or participation at an event:

  • Please submit requests at least four weeks in advance.
  • Fill out the President Event Attendance Request Form [PDF] and obtain approval by your Vice President or VP designee.
  • If the request is NOT approved by your Vice President or VP designee, this decision will be communicated to you by your Vice President or VP designee.
  • If approved by your Vice President or VP designee, submit the request to Presidential Aide Bernadine Grayer at NOTE: This action alone is not a confirmation that the President will be able to attend and/or participate.

For those external to the university, please contact the Office of the President at (310) 243-3301 to request the president's attendance or participation at an event. You are not required to submit the form(s) but are welcome to do so for planning purposes.