Mission, Vision, and Values


California State University, Dominguez Hills provides transformational educational experiences grounded in culturally sustaining practices, innovative research, creative activity, and community engagement for undergraduate and graduate students.

Strategically located in Carson in response to the 1965 Watts Rebellion, CSUDH was designed to bring educational opportunities to underserved communities in South Los Angeles. CSUDH sustains its commitment to social, environmental, and educational justice by providing a high-quality education that leads to personal and professional success, economic and social mobility, and mutually beneficial and reciprocal relationships with the surrounding communities and the local K-12 and community college systems.


CSUDH will be a model urban university responsive to and engaged as partners in addressing the most pressing challenges in our local and global communities. To do this, we will create a campus where:

  • Students experience an equitable education that builds upon their strengths to foster critical inquiry, career readiness, and a passion for lifelong learning.
  • Students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the community collaborate to create dynamic cocurricular opportunities, a vibrant campus life, and lasting relationships.
  • Students, faculty, staff, and alumni engage in local partnerships for community-based development, business growth, and career opportunities.
  • Innovative and sustainable financial development and resource management ensure our self-determination as a university.
  • The campus as a whole commits to addressing issues of social, educational, and environmental justice through resource management, advocacy, research, teaching, and innovative practices.


Academic Excellence and Intellectual Curiosity.

We are a community of lifelong learners dedicated to discovery and personal growth and the ongoing development of skills and talents, cutting-edge research, and artistic contributions that serve to strengthen the cultures and communities of which we are all a part.

Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion.

We are committed to addressing the historical injustices in education faced by marginalized students by working to provide all students with sufficient access to culturally sustaining programs, services, and resources.

We honor, prioritize, and value the diversity of perspectives and backgrounds of our students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community, whose equitable inclusion is fundamental to the success of our university.

We recognize that students are agents in their own education and have the right to have their voices heard, their experiences validated, their concerns addressed, and to be treated as partners in their educational experiences.


We recognize and live up to our responsibility to our campus community, and the community at large, through the sustainable and equitable stewardship of our natural, social, and economic resources.

Communication and Collaboration.

Through transparent communication, we actively seek and build strategic partnerships in order to facilitate student success and healthy communities.

Shared Governance.

We are committed to transparency, inclusion, joint decision making, and collaborative approaches in our daily operations and long-term planning.