Math & English Workshop

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Math and English Workshop

Our Math and English workshop is designed to increase students’ English and mathematics proficiency. This workshop is intended to polish the knowledge students have already attained in their required English and math classes. Therefore, the workshops will be intense and taught at a high level on selected topics that will be useful toward success in graduate school.

The English workshop will polish students skills in the following specific areas:

  • Analyzing and evaluating written material and synthesizing information from it
  • Extending vocabulary improving reading comprehension, controlling the elements of standard written English
  • Supporting ideas with relevant reasons and examples
  • Comparing claims and evidence
  • Articulating complex ideas clearly and effectively
  • Acquiring advanced technical vocabulary
  • Relating words to each other
  • Recognizing relationships between words and concepts
  • Breaking down sentences and analyzing the relationships among components.

The mathematics workshop will polish students skills in the following specific areas:

  • Understanding data analysis;
  • Mastering elemental probability and statistics
  • Mastering coordinate geometry
  • Mastering lines and angles;
  • Understanding and mastering triangles, quadrilaterals, and polygons as well as angle relations within them;
  • Understanding and mastering circles and uniform solids
  • Mastering the basic concepts of algebra (exponents, roots, order of operations, algebraic expressions, factoring expressions, inequalities, function problems)
  • Solving word problems

We believe this activity will improve our students’ language and math skills significantly and this improvement will be reflected in their coursework and also in the process of applying to graduate school, making them more competitive. Finally and most importantly, we believe that this activity will provide our students with important analytical skills required in order to complete a PhD program successfully.