Web & Mobile Services

I.T. Web & Mobile Services

The Web & Mobile Services team is a small, vibrant team of I.T. professionals committed to elevating the university's web and mobile presence by leveraging the latest tools and techniques, along with creativity, to deliver web and mobile user experiences that are easily accessible, intelligently designed, and will propel the university into a more technologically agile institution.

We are responsible for:

Web Management: We implement and support systems and technologies to manage campus web content and architecture, including the CSUDH enterprise Web Content Management system. We perform research and analysis through site reviews, usability testing, online surveys, and web traffic analysis tools. We provide training and support to the campus web community.

Web Development: We serve as a resource, strategic planner and consultant for web development in the university community. We build websites and web applications; we maintain and constantly explore new and changing web-related technologies.

Web Design: We are responsible for the overall look and feel of the university Web site, ensuring consistency with strategic branding initiatives. We manage university web standards and best practices, usability, and accessibility compliance.

Mobile App:  We build and support the university mobile applications such as iToros Mobile and DHEats.