EXEC 24-14 Resolution to Endorse Changing the CSUDH University Art Purchase Award

Academic Senate Resolution 

EXEC 24-14

Resolution to Endorse Changing the CSUDH University Art Purchase Award

May 8, 2024

Resolution passes

Approve: 35 / Oppose: 0/ Abstain:0

Resolved: In response to EXEC 14-11, that the CSUDH Academic Senate support the change of the established CSUDH University Art Purchase Award to the CSUDH Presidential Award of Excellence in Art and Design; and

Resolved: The purpose of this award is to acknowledge and celebrate the quality work of students enrolled in Art and Design courses.  Furthermore, the award recipients will have the opportunity to display work temporarily on campus; and

Resolved: That the award be administered by the University Campus Art Advisory Committee, a regularly meeting committee including faculty, staff and students as designated by Presidential Memorandum 2020-04; and

Resolved: A submission can be of any medium or size.  Submission is open to all current students regardless of major. All work must have been created as part of an Art and Design course. Students will receive the award for their work and the opportunity to display that work on campus during a semester or academic year; and

Resolved: At the conclusion of the selection process, the committee chair will provide a report to the Academic Senate on the selection process and outcomes; and

Resolved: During its exhibition, student work will be insured by CSU under current public art display policy. Insurance value will be determined by the UCAA committee in consultation with student artist/designer. The Office of the President will provide all funding for awards, installation, archiving, and return of work. Award rates will be reviewed every three years by UCAA committee to address cost of living increases; and

Resolved: Upon conclusion of the exhibition, work will be returned to the student.  An archive of awarded students and their works will be created and updated by the committee and will be housed in the University Library's Gerth Archives & Special Collections.

Rationale: The CSU Dominguez Hills Presidential Award of Excellence in Art and Design will provide a mechanism to select, award and display student art or graphic design in campus locations, for up to a year. Two awards will be granted in the initial amount of $1000 each semester.  An application call-out will be announced and students may submit up to three works of art each semester for consideration.