Resolutions 2023 

EXEC 23-18 

Proposed Changes to Constitutional Bylaws - Chair Nominations

Resolution Timeline Snapshot
EXEC 23-17

Proposed Changes to Constitutional Bylaws - Meeting Format

Resolution Timeline Snapshot
EPC 23-16 CSUDH Discontinuance Policy

Resolution Passes: 5/10/23

In Favor: 33/Oppose: 0/Abstain: 7 

FPC 23-11Assigned Time for Exceptional Levels of Service to Students

Referred back to committee 3/8/23 

Resolution Progress Snapshot 

FPC 23-15*W Issuing Eligible NTTF CSUDH Business Cards 

Resolution Passes 4/26/23

In Favor: 39/Oppose: 2/ Abstain: 3 

EPC 23-14 *W Elevation of Criminal Justice Administration to a Department

Resolution Passes 4/26/23

In Favor: 41/Oppose: 0/ Abstain: 1 

Resolution Timeline Snapshot

EPC 23-13*W Name Change to School of Public Health and Health Sciences

Resolution Passes 4/26/23

In Favor: 41/Oppose: 0/ Abstain: 2 

Resolution Timeline Snapshot 

FPC 23-12 Implementation of RTP Rating Scale 

Resolution Passes 4/26/23

In Favor: 24/Oppose: 13/Abstain: 4 

FPC 23-10Bifurcation of Leaves and Honors Committee

Resolution Passes 4/26/23

In Favor:41/Oppose: 0/Abstain: 0 

EXEC 23-09Ensuring Policy Equity 

Resolution Passes 4/26/23

In Favor: 43/ Oppose: 0/ Abstain 1

Resolution Tabled 4/12/23

EPC -23-08General Education Committee Revised Charge 

Resolution Passes: 5/10/23 

In Favor: 32/Oppose: 0/Abstain: 4 

EXEC 23-07IRA Committee Charge

Resolution Passes 4/26/23

In Favor:/ Opposed: 0/Abstain 1 

EXEC 23-05Academic Affairs Budget Council

Resolution Passes 3/22/23

In Favor: 38/Opposed: 0/Abstained: 0 

FPC 23-04Resolution in Support of Best Practices to Inform Non-Tenure Track Faculty of CSUDH Tenure-Track Open Positions

Resolution Passes 3/8/23 

In Favor: 34/Opposed: 0/Abstained: 0 

EXEC 23-03W* Forming a Task Force to Study the Status of Fall Recess in the Academic Calendar

Resolution Passes 2/8/23 

In Favor: 32/ Opposed 0/ Abstained 0

EPC 23-02Program Review Panel

Resolution Passes 2/22/23

Approved 32/ Opposed 0/Abstained 1

EPC 23-01Grade Appeals Committee

Resolution Tabled 2/22/23 

Referred back to committee 3/8/23 

 Resolution Progress Snapshot 

Resolutions 2016-2022
Resolutions 2016 - 2022 Dropbox 

EPC 22-15Resolution on Use of Duolingo as Standard for Acceptance of International Students 

Resolution Passes 2/8/23

In Favor 35/Opposed 1/Abstention 0

*W EPC 22-12 Revision to GWAR Charge (Policy AA 2020-8, EPC 20-16) 

Resolution Passes 11/9/22

In Favor 36/Against 0/Abstention 0

*W EXEC 22-11 CSUDH Support of the Proposed California General Education Transfer Curriculum (Cal-GETC)

Sense of the Senate 

Resolution passes 10/26/22 

40 in favor/ Against 0/Abstention 0

*W EXEC 22-10CSUDH Support and Solidarity with Iranian Women

Sense of the Senate

Resolution passes 10/26/22 

40 in favor/ Against 0/Abstention 0

EXEC 22-09Retirement of NTTFAB Implementation Committee Co-Chair's designated position as member of NTTFAB. 

First Reading 10/26/22

Second Reading 11/9/22

Resolution Passes 11/9/22

32 in favor/ Against 0/Abstention 0

EXEC 22-08 Commendation for Ms. Susanne WalkerApproval by Acclamation: 5/11/22 
EXEC 22-07Commendation for Dr. Rita AndersonApproval by Acclamation: 5/11/22 
EXEC 22-06Resolution opposing exclusion of Faculty in Early Retirement Program from COVID bonus Removed 

*W EPC 22-05

See AA 2022-2 

UCELC Draft PolicyResolution Passes: 5/11/22 38 in favor, 0 against, and 6 abstentions 
*W EPC 22-04Elevation of Asian Pacific Studies Program to Department of Asian Pacific StudiesResolution Passes: 4/27/22   47 in favor, 1 against, 0 abstentions 
*W EXEC 22-03

Revision to NTTFAB Charge           

(AA 2019-02): Update to Membership Terms

Resolution passes 4/27/22     36 in favor, 0 against and 4 abstentions 

FPC 22-02

See AA 2022-01

Appointment, Responsibilities, and Review of Department Chairs/Directors and Coordinators

First Reading: 4/13/22

Second Reading 5/11/2022 

Resolution passes: 41 in favor, 2 against and 7 abstentions

*W EXEC 22-01 Call for Reforms

Sense of the Senate

Resolution passes: 43 in favor, 0 against and 0 abstentions

*W EPC 21-23
See AA 2021-12

Resolution in Support of Extending the Drop DeadlineResolution passes: 11/17/21
44 in favor, 2 against, 3 abstentions 
EPC 21-22Resolution in Favor of Elevating the Labor Studies Program to the Department of Labor Studies

Resolution passes: 11/17/21
41 in favor, 0 against, 2 abstentions 

EPC 21-21Resolution in Favor of Elevating the Women’s Studies Program to the Department of Women’s Studies

Resolution passes: 11/17/21
47 in favor, 1 against, 2 abstentions

FPC 21-20

Resolution on Revision of the Faculty Leaves & Honors Committee Membership 

First Reading 10/06/21

2nd Reading: 10/20/21

Resolution passes: 10/20/21  34 in favor, 0 against and 0 abstentions

EXEC 21-19

Resolution on Creating an Academic Senate Standing Committee to Recommend Anti-Bias, Anti-Racism and Gender Equity Policy and Practices

First Reading 09/22/21

Resolution Tabled

*W EXEC 21-18

Commitment to Flexibility for Faculty Returning to Face-to-Face Teaching and Faculty and Staff Providing Face-to-Face Services in Response to the Aggravated Pandemic Conditions in Los Angeles and Surrounding Counties

Resolution passes:                                     

41 in favor, 5 against, and 1 abstention

Resolution not moved forward for policy adoption by Provost and President's Office

*W EXEC 21-17Resolution for a Commitment to June 1, 2021 Course ModalitiesResolution passes: 05/12/21 
25 in favor, 12 against, 13 abstentions
*W EXEC 21-16
Resolution Banning the Pressure to use HyFlex Course ModelsResolution passes: 05/12/21
46 in favor, 0 against, 3 abstentions
EPC 21-15Resolution on Program DiscontinuanceResolution Tabled
EXEC 21-14Resolution to Call a Special Senate Session Resolution passes: 04/14/21
41 in favor, 2 against, 4 abstention
EXEC 21-13Revision of the ASCSU By Laws, Vice Chair Heinze BalcazarResolution passes: 05/12/21
37 in favor, 0 against, 3 abstentions

EPC 21-12

See AA 2021-07

Resolution to Amend EPC 21-08 Extend Deadline for Students to Drop Courses in Spring Semester 2021Resolution passes: 03/24/21 46 in favor, 3 against, 1 abstention
FPC 21-11Proposed Retention, Tenure and Promotion Policy Resolution passes: 04/28/21
46 in favor, 0 against, 2 abstentions
EXEC 21-10ASCSUDH Statement Against Anti-Asian Violence, Racism & SexismResolution passes: 03/24/21
44 in favor, 0 against, 0 abstentions

EPC 21-09

See AA 2021-08

Procedures for Establishing Schools and for Elevating Programs to DepartmentsResolution passes: 04/14/21
46 in favor, 1 against, 3 abstentions

EPC 21-08

(superseded by EPC 21-12)

Resolution to Extend Deadline for Students to Drop Courses in Spring SemesterResolution passes: 03/10/21 55 in favor, 0 against, 0 abstentions

FPC 21-07

See AA 2021-09

Forming a Task Force for Assessing Teaching EffectivenessResolution passes: 04/14/21 45 in favor, 1 against, 7 abstentions
FPC 21-06Review Committee for Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activities AwardsResolution passes: 03/24/21
53 in favor, 2 against, 2 abstentions
FPC 21-05Resolution on Sabbatical LeavesResolution passes: 4/28/21
51 in favor, 0 against, 3 abstentions
EXEC 21-04Resolution in Memory of Dr. Munashe FurusaPassed Unopposed: 02/10/21
EXEC 21-03Resolution in Memory of Professor William Gould Passed Unopposed: 02/10/21

EPC 21-02

See AA 2021-06

Resolution for General Education Outcomes CommitteeResolution passes: 03/10/21
50 in favor, 0 against, 3 abstentions

EPC 21-01

See AA 2021-05

Resolution to Reorganize Areas A-F in the CSUDH General Education Requirements

Resolution passes: 02/10/21
47 in favor, 3 against, 5 abstentions
EXEC 20-19

W* EXEC 20-19 Amending Non-Tenure Track Faculty Advisory Board Policy

Resolution passes: 10/28/20
52 in favor, 0 opposed, 3 abstentions
EXEC 20-18

Resolution to Approve By-Laws and Operating Procedures for the Council of Department Chairs and Program Coordinators

Resolution passes: 03/24/21
51 in favor, 0 against, 3 abstentions

EPC 20-17

See AA 2020-09

Resolution to Extend Deadline for Students to Drop Courses in Fall Semester, 2020

Resolution passes: 12/02/20
42 in favor, 0 opposed, 6 abstentions

EPC 20-16

See AA 2020-08

Revision of the Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR) Policy

Resolution passes: 10/14/20
41 in favor, 1 against, 2 abstentions
EXEC 20-15

Resolution in Opposition to the CSU Board of Trustees' Changes to Title 5 of the California Education Code of Regulations and to the Chancellor's Proposed Process for Implementation of AB1460

Resolution passes: 09/30/2020 44 in favor, 0 against, 2 abstentions
FPC 20-14

Evaluating Faculty Performance Disrupted by the COVID-19 Pandemic

Resolution passes: 10/14/2020 41 in favor, 1 against, 4 abstentions

EPC 20-13

 See AA 2020-10

Resolution to Create an Online and Hybrid Learning Committee (DHLC)

Resolution passes: 10/14/2020 46 in favor, 1 against, 2 abstentions
EXEC 20-12

Ethnic Studies University Ethnic Studies Implementation Committee Policy

Resolution passes: 1/27/21
51 in favor, 0 against, 5 abstentions
First Reading 9/16/2020 - Tabled.
Second First Reading 11/18/2020.
EXEC 20-11

Sense of the Senate in support of the CSU's Defense and Protection of International Students

Exec 20-10

Temporary Suspension of Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement

Passed 37 in favor/2 against
2 abstentions 

Exec 20-09Support for Modifying Existing Grading Designations in Spring 2020 in response to COVID-19 DisruptionsPassed with two modifications at virtual Senate meeting

Exec 20-08

See PM 2020-05

Gender Equality Principles Resolution

Passed Unanimously: 4/6/20 
Exec 20-07

Resolution to Amend the By-Laws of ASCSUDH

M/S/P 43 in favor, 0 opposed, 1 abstention.
Exec 20-06

Resolution to Amend the Constitution

Passed Unanimously: 4/22/20
Exec 20-05Resolution on Sabbatical Leaves Evaluation, Criteria, Weighting, and Reporting 

Tabled due to need to reprioritize as a result of COVID-19

Exec 20-04Revision of the Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR) Policy

Tabled again due to need to reprioritize as a result of COVID-19

EXEC 20-03

Resolution to Honor and Commend Carrie Stewart's Contributions to CSUDH

Passed Unanimously: 3/4/20 

Exec 20-02

Tabled and separated into two resolutions (Exec 20-06  Exec 20-07)

Recommendation was to bring it back as two separate resolutions

EPC 20-01

Resolution to Create a Distance & Hybrid Policies Implementation Team 

Replaces EPC 19-15

FPC 19-16Resolution for the Graduate Council to become a Standing Committee 

M/S/P 44 in favor, 1 opposed, 1 abstention on 11/20/2019. Forwarded to Provost on 12/18. 

EPC 19-15Charge for the Distance & Hybrid Policies Implementation TeamResolution tabled indefinitely. Reintroduced as EPC 20-01 on 2/5/20
1st Reading 11/6/19, to return in Spring 2020

EXEC 19-14

See PM 2020-01

Joint Statement on Shared GovernanceM/S/P 43 in favor, 0 opposed, 2 abstentions on 11/20/19. Forwarded to Prov/Pres on 12/17.
EXEC 19-13Sense of the Senate: Support the University Master Plan RevisionM/S/P 34 in favor, 0 opposed, 2 abstentions. 
EXEC 19-12Resolution for the Establishment of a Non-Tenure Track Advisory BoardM/S/P 46 in favor, 0 opposed, 1 abstention. Forwarded to Provost & President 9/26/19.
EPC 19-11Resolution updating the EPC ChargePassed Unanimously 4/24/19
FPC 19-10Resolution updating the FPC ChargePassed Unanimously 4/24/19

FPC 19-09 

(see PM 2020-06)

Resolution for the Establishment of Endowed Chairs or Professorships

Passed Unanimously 5/8/19
5/9/19 Sent to Provost's ofc

EXEC 19-08

(see AA 2020-05)

Resolution for the Creation of College Councils Statement and ProceduresPassed 5/8/19 by a vote of 39 in favor, 0 opposed and 1 abstention
5/15/19 - sent to Provost's ofc
EXEC 19-07Resolution to Amend the Constitution and By-Laws of ASCSUDH Passed Unanimously 5/8/19
Ballot sent to Gen Fac for Approval
EXEC 19-06Resolution for the creation of a CSU Subcommittee for GE Program Review

Tabled: 4/10/19
1st Reading: 3/20/19

EXEC 19-05*W Resolution rejecting CSU
GE Task Force Report
Passed Unanimously: 3/20/19
FAC 19-04Resolution in Memory of Kenneth GanezerPassed Unanimously: 3/6/19
EPC 19-03Resolution to change Double Counting Policy to meet EO 1100 requirements1st Reading on 3/6/19, Resolution tabled: 3/20/19
EXEC 19-02Resolution in support of creation of College Budget Committees1st Reading on 3/6/19
(there was not a 2nd reading). No further action.
FAC 19-01Resolution in Memory of Kathleen O'ConnorPassed Unanimously 2/6/19

EXEC 18-13

Gender Equity Task ForcePassed 36 in favor/0 against and 1 abstention. Forwarded and signed on same day by Provost and President 2/8/19.

EPC 18-12

See AA 2018-04

Temporary General Education Changes to Area G to Meet E.O. 1100 RequirementsPassed unanimously
EXEC 18-11Resolution Opposing the TenetsPassed unanimously, forwarded on 10/31/18 to distribution list
EXEC 18-10Resolution Calling for Timely Notice and Scheduling of MPP Campus Visits2nd Second Reading, resolution passes unanimously. Forwarded to Provost office on 12/10/18
Tabled after 2nd Reading 10/10/18
EXEC 18-09Resolution in Support of a CO of Diversity, Equity & InclusionForwarded to Provost 10/11/18
*W EXEC 18-08Resolution Honoring President HaganPassed Unanimously 05/04/18
*W EPC 18-07Changes to Area A to meet CO Requirements

Forwarded to Provost's Office on 05/08/18
M/S/P 05/05/18: 34 in favor, 0 against, 3 abstentions

*W EPC 18-07Changes to Area A to meet CO Requirements

Forwarded to Provost's Office on 05/08/18
M/S/P 05/05/18: 34 in favor, 0 against, 3 abstentions

FPC 18-05Revision of AA Policy 2015-04: Election of a Faculty Liaison to Represent Faculty in Reported and/or Adjudicated Cases of Disruptive Student Behavior

Tabled after 1st Reading at 4/18/18 meeting

EXEC 18-04Amendment of the By-Laws of the Academic SenateForwarded to Provost's office 04/30/18
M/S/P 04/04/04
34 in favor/0 against/3 abstentions
EXEC 18-03University Toro HourM/S/P 04/18/18 42 in favor, 2 opposed and 1 abstention. 
*W FPC 18-01Sense of the Senate: In Support of Open Access Publishing for CSUDH Faculty Publications03/14/18
2nd reading waived. Resolution passes: 34 in favor, 0 opposed, 3 abstentions
EPC 17-21Revision of the General Education Committee ChargeM/S/P 02/28/18
Unanimously passed.
EXEC 17-20Resolution Calling for Senate IT Committee to Become a Senate Standing CommitteeM/S/P 01/31/18
EXEC 17-19Clarifying Procedures and Increasing Faculty Involvement in the UBCM/S/P 02/28/18
34 in favor/0 opposed/8 abstentions
EXEC 17-18Resolution Calling on the Board of Trustees for Open Forums for Presidential Candidate FinalistsUnanimously passed on 11/08/17. Emailed to distribution list 11/13/17

See AA 2018-02

FPC 17-17

Resolution Calling for the Creation of a CSUDH Advisory Committee for the Faculty Development Center Advisory BoardM/S/P 01/31/18
EPC 17-16Resolution to Revise Educational Policy Committee (EPC) ChargeM/S/P 10/25/17
EXEC 17-15Resolution to Delay Full Implementation of Revised EO1100 and EO1110M/S/P 09/27/17
Forwarded to Provost's office 9/28/17
EPC 17-14Forming a Task Force to Propose Policies and Requirements for Distance and Hybrid CoursesTask Force Formed
M/S/P 10/25/17
Forwarded to Provost's office 10/30/17

EPC 17-13

See AA 2017-11

Pathways to Satisfy the Graduation Writing Assessment RequirementM/S/P 9/13/17
Forwarded to Provost's office 9/18/18
*W EXEC 17-12Resolution in Support of Protecting the Work Assignments of Current HUM200 LecturersM/S/P 05/10/17
Forwarded to the Provost's office 5/19/17

FPC 17-11

See AA 2017-06

Establishment of a Council of Department Chairs and Program CoordinatorsNow AA policy 11/2017
M/S/P 05/10/17
Forwarded to the Provost's office 5/19/17

EPC 17-10

See AA 2017-05

Planned Leave for UndergraduatesNow AA policy 11/2017
M/S/P 05/10/17
Forwarded to the Provost's office 5/18/17

EPC 17-09

See AA 2017-04

Definition of Super Seniors

Now AA policy 08/2017
M/S/P 05/10/17
Forwarded to the Provost's office 5/18/17

EPC 17-08

See AA 2017-10

Course Instructional ModalitiesNow AA Policy 11/2017
Forwarded to Provost's office on 8/15/17
M/S/P 04/26/17
*W EXEC 17-07Resolution for the Amendment of the ASCSU Constitution to Allow Electronic VotingM/S/P 03/22/17
*W EXEC 17-06Resolution for Clarification of Lecturer RepresentationM/S/P 03/22/17
*W EXEC 17-05Resolution for Constitutional ClarificationM/S/P 03/22/17
*W FAC 17-04Resolution in Memory of Porfirio SanchezM/S/P 03/22/17

FPC 17-03

Resolution on Academic Freedom and Free SpeechM/S/P 03/08/17
Forwarded to the Provost's office 6/12/17

EPC 17-02
See AA 2017-08

Undergraduate Declaration of Major/MinorNow AA policy 8/2017
Forwarded to the Provost's office 6/12/17
M/S/P 03/08/17
*W EXEC 17-01Resolution to Support Tenure Under AttackM/S/P 02/08/17
*W FAC 16-21Resolution in Support of Undocumented Students and the Campus CommunityM/S/P 11/30/16
Amended 2/8/17
FPC 16-20
(see PM 2018-03)
University Support of Lactation Rights

10/2017 w/President's office
Forwarded to Provost's office 6/21/17
M/S/P 11/30/16

*W FAC 16-19Resolution Opposing the Proposed Tuition IncreaseM/S/P  11/16/16
*W EXEC 16-18Resolution in Support of Proposition 55M/S/P 11/02/16
*W FAC 16-17Honoring the Service of Edd WhetmoreM/S/P Plaque given to Whetmore directly 11/02/16

EPC 16-16

See AA 2017-09

Credit by Examination for UndergraduatesNow AA Policy 08/2017
Forwarded to Provost's office 6/21/17
M/S/P 03/08/17
Untabled 03/08/17
Tabled after 2nd Reading 11/2/16

 EXEC 16-15

See AA 2017-03

Resolution Calling for Guidelines and Rationale for Campus Tenure-Track LinesNow AA Policy 11/2017
Forwarded to the Provost's office 10/26/16
M/S/P 10/19/16
*W EXEC 16-14 Resolution Calling for Timely Notice and Scheduling of Provost Finalists' Campus VisitsForwarded to the Provost's office 10/26/
*W EXEC 16-13Resolution to Form Ad Hoc Task Force to Review ASCSUDH Constitution & BylawsApproved unanimously 9/7/16
*W FAC 16-12
(formerly FAC 16-08)
Resolution in Memory of Frances LauerhassResolution originally numbered FAC 16-08. Passed and forwarded to Lauerhass family 4/6/16
*W FAC 16-11Resolution Honoring the Service of Dr. Cathy JacobsApproved unanimously 5/4/16 and plaque given to Jacobs at mtg.
EPC 16-10Revision of the Mean of Fulfillment of the Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement: Graduate Level (GWAR: GL)Tabled after 2nd reading at 5/4/16 Senate meeting
EPC 16-09Revision of the University Writing Committee (UWC)M/S/P 05/04/16

EXEC 16-08

See AA 2016-01

Criteria for the Establishment, Nomination and Supporting Evidence for the Outstanding Faculty/Lecturer Award (Catherine Jacobs Award)

Now AA Policy 08/2017

7/29/16 currently in FA being written into formalized before it goes to the President's office.

Forwarded to the Provost's office 6/15/16

M/S/P - 5/4/16
Friendly amendment by Provost Junn to rename the award the Catherine H. Jacobs Outstanding Lecturer Award and award the 1st one to Jacobs. Amendment and resolution was unanimously approved.

EXEC 16-07Definition of General Faculty5/4/16 Slight amendments were made to reflect language of CBA and a minor correction. Proposed change to definition passes by a vote of 37 for and 6 against.

4/20/16 after 2nd reading, resolution passes unanimously. Resolution now goes before General Faculty on 5/4/16

EXEC 16-06

See PM 17-02

Recommendation to amend PM 78-15 Selection and Review of Chairpersons for Departments Which Constitute Primary Teaching Service Areas

Now a Presidential Memo

Approved by President Hagan 8/25/17

This was approved by the Senate on 4/6/16. This 2nd resolution amending PM 78-15 was done to ensuring the inclusion of all temporary faculty unit employees equally in the election of dept chairs.

Currently in AA office waiting for formal policy language (7/29/16)

EPC 16-05

See AA 2017-02

Revision of the Program Review Panel (PRP) Charge

Updated policy posted on AA webpage 11/2017

M/S/P 4/5/16
Forwarded to the Provost's office 9/8/16

*W EXEC 16-04Resolution in Support of Report and Recommendations of the Task Force on CSUDH Research Enterprise Pre & Post Award Services 
*W EXEC 16-03Resolution in support of CFAs Call for a Strike
*W EXEC 16-02Resolution Regarding Affordable Learning Solutions and the College Text Book Affordability Act of 2015
EXEC 16-01

Resolution Honoring the Memory and Accomplishments of Margaret Blue

M/S/P 02/03/16
Resolutions 2011-2015
Resolutions 2011-2015 Dropbox 
EPC 15-16Educational Policy Committee ChargeM/S/P 11/04/15
FPC 15-15Faculty Policy Committee ChargeM/S/P 10/21/15
EXEC 15-14
reintroduced under FPC 17-11
Establishment of a Council of Department Chairs and Program CoordinatorsDid not pass
 W* EPC 15-13Revision of the UCC Committee ChargeM/S/P 5/6/15
EXEC 15-12Resolution to Amend the By-laws of ASCSUDH

MSP 5/6/15

Introduced on 4/22/15

W* EXEC 15-11Resolution Recognizing the Contributions of the Internationalization Taskforce M/S/P 4/22/15

W* FPC 15-10

See AA 2018-01

Assigned Time for Exceptional Levels of Service to Students

M/S/P 4/22/15

Forwarded to Provost's office on 8/05/15 for consideration of an AA policy.

W* EPC 15-09Resolution in Support of Reducing the Required GPA M/S/P 4/22/15
EPC 15-08Resolution establishing an AdHoc Committee to Review and Propose Revisions to CSUDH General Education

M/S/P 5/6/15 

1st Reading 4/22/15

EXEC 15-07Resolution in Support of Transparency in Budgetary Information at CSUDH

 M/S/P 4/22/15

FAC 15-06Resolution Honoring William Gould

 M/S/P 3/18/15

FAC 15-05Resolution In Memory of William Whetstone

 M/S/P 3/18/15

EPC 15-04Revision of the General Education Committee Charge

M/S/P 5/6/15

1st Reading: 3/4/15
2nd Reading: 3/18/15

EXEC 15-03Resolution in Support of the Academic Senate of California State University Senate Resolution AS-3197-14/FA re., "The Need for a Comprehensive California State University Policy on Academic Freedom"

*W Passed unanimously 3/4/15 and forwarded to CO on 3/10/15

AA 2015-03

FPC 15-02

Inclusion in Syllabi of a Statement on Expected Behavioral Standards

Now AA Policy - see link to AA 2015-03

F/U on 5/1 and on 6/18 - still in Provost's office

Forwarded to Provosts office on 3/2/15 to be approved as an Academic Affairs policy.

AA 2015-4

FPC 15-01

Election of a Faculty Advocate to Represent Faculty in Reported and/or Adjudicated Cases of Disruptive Student Behavior

Now AA Policy - see link to AA 2015-04

F/U on 5/1 and on 6/18 - still in Provost's office

Forwarded to Provost's office on 3/2/15

M/S/P 2/18/15 
Sent to Provost's office on 3/2 to be implemented as an AA policy

See AA 2016-02

EPC 14-13

Establish a Review Procedure for Double Counting Major/Minor and Upper Division General Education Courses

Forwarded to the Provost's office 6/3/16. Approved by Provost Junn & President Hagan

Also approved by Provost Hay on 7/26/16

Brought back to the floor on 3/2/16 and passed

Tabled, 12/3/14
2nd reading, 12/3/14
Presented on floor on 11/19 for a First Reading

EPC 14-12Ensuring Consistency across Instructional Modalities

M/S/P 11/5/14 

EXEC 14-11CSUDH Art Purchase Award

Sense of the Senate
Unanimously passed on 10/8/14

FPC 14-10

Now policy:
AA 2015-1

Operating Procedures for Evaluating Part-Time Temporary Faculty

M/S/P - 10/22/14

FPC 14-09Proposed Revision to AAP 010.001 "Resolution on the Procedures for Reappointment, Tenure and Promotion - Change of Order Review"

1st Reading - 4/23/14
Senate Exec postponed 2nd reading until fall of 2014

 FAC 14-08Resolution Honoring the Life of Dr. Warren Ashley

 MSP 04/23/14

EPC 14-07

(formerly 14-03)

Resolution for the Establishment of an Ad Hoc Committee Regarding Lower Division General Education Units 

 MSP 04/23/14

EPC 14-06

(in error was 14-02)

See AA 2015-03

Resolution Regarding Syllabus Content

AA Policy 6/2015

June 2015 update:with addition of EPC 15-02, both have been combined and are waiting to be approved by the Provost's office

MSP 3/05/14
23 in favor/4 opposed/5 abstentions

FPC 14-05Resolution to Amend the By-laws of the General Faculty and the Academic Senate

 MSP 04/09/14

FPC 14-04

See PM 2015-01

Recommendation to amend PM 78-15 Selection and Review of Chairpersons for Departments and programs which constitute primary teaching service areas

MSP 05/07/14

FAC 14-03Resolution Honoring the Life of Stewart Christie 

 MSP 03/19/14

EXEC 14-02Resolution to Amend the Constitution of Law of the General Faculty and Academic Senate to include 2 staff representatives

 MSP 04/09/14

FAC 14-01Resolution Honoring Mary Lookabaugh Brooks 
FAC 13-13Emeritus Status for Non Tenure Track Faculty 
 FPC 13-12Temporary Faculty Salary Document 
EPC/FPC 13-11

Resolution Revising the Designation and Administration of Upper Division General Education Courses to Include Department-Based Courses

MSP 11/20/13
Exec 13-10


Resolution Recommending the Appointment of a Faculty Trustee and the Addition of a Second Faculty Trustee to the CSU Board of Trustees


 MSP 10/02/13

FPC 13-09

Now PM 2014-03




 Procedures for Hiring Full-Time Academic Administrator III and IV Positions

 (Supersedes PM 89-04 and Amendment #1,  PM 98-07 and PM 08-01)


 MSP 10/2/13

Signed into PM on 4/29/14

 EPC 13-08 

ASCSUDH Guidelines for Campus Implementation of Title 5 “The Bachelor's Degree: Total Units”

 MSP 9/18/13

MSP September 18, 2013

FAC 13-07Faculty Resolution Honoring David Bradfield MSP 05/08/13
FAC 13-06 

 Faculty Resolution in Support of GE and Major Program Integrity

M/S/P/ 4/24/13

Exec 13-05 

Resolution on SB520

M/S/P 4/24/13
Exec 13-04 

Constitution Amendment for At-Large Reps

Exec 13-03



FAC 13-02 

Resolution Institutionalizing Budget Transparency and Shared Governance Practices at CSUDH

M/S/P- 3/6/13

Exec 13-01 

Resolution in Honor of the Life and Memory of JoAnn Fenton 


Exec 12-14 

Resolution in Opposition to Proposition 32, “Political Contributions by Payroll Deductions.”

MSP 9/26/12

Sent out 10/3/12

Exec 12-13 

Resolution Endorsing Academic Senate CSU (ASCSU) Resolution AS-3090-12/EX Support of Proposition 30 on the November 2012 Ballot

MSP 9/12/12

See AA 2017-01

EPC/FPC 12-12

Revised Student Grade Appeals Policy
supercedes PM 96-02

MSP 9/26/12

Sent to Provost 10/2/12

Academic Affairs Response 12/02/13

Non substantive revision approved at Exec Committee mtg. 7/16/14

Provosts office sent to President's office 08/12/14

Approved and signed by President Hagan on 8/29/14

Exec 12-11 

Resolution Honoring the Life and Memory of Jim Susumu Imai

MSP 9/12/12

Exec 12-10 

Resolution Honoring the Life and Memory of John Auld

MSP 5/9/12

Exec 12-09 

Resolution Honoring the Life and Memory of Peter Rodney

MSP 5/9/12
FPC 12-08 

Continuation of Web Presence of Retiring Full-Time Faculty

MSP 5/9/12

Sent to Provost 5/17/12

FPC 12-07 

Academic Senate Resolution
Faculty Affairs Policy for the Periodic Evaluation of Part-Time Temporary Lecturers

Tabled 5/9/12

FAC 12-06 

Faculty Resolution on Executive Compensation

Sense of the Senate

MSP 4/25/12

Sent to Provost 5/1/12

Exec 12-05 

Resolution on University-wide Consultation in Assessment, Planning and Resource Allocation

MSP 4/25/12

Sent to Provost 5/16/12

Exec 12-04 

Resolution on the Membership & Reporting Procedure of Academic Affairs Program Effectiveness Council (AA PEC)

MSP 4/25/12

Sent to Provost 4/26/12

FPC 12-03 

Resolution on the Revision of Recruitment of Tenure-Track and Other Full-Time Faculty

MSP 4/25/12

Exec 12-02 

Resolution on Improving Communication in the Process of Evaluating Faculty for Retention,

Tenure & Promotion

MSP 4/25/12

Exec 12-01 

Resolution: Chancellor Reed and Shared Governance

Sent back to committee 02/01/12

Exec 11-13 

Resolution Concerning CSU Online Initiative

Sense of Senate MSP 12/7/11

Sent 12/12/11

Exec 11-12 

Resolution Honoring the Life and Memory of Hedy Moscovici

In Memoriam MSP 12/7/11

Exec 11-11 


MSP 11/16/11

Sense of Senate

Sent 11/16/11

EPC 11-10 

Resolution in Support for the Title 5 “American Institutions” Graduation Requirement for all Undergraduate Degrees at CSU Dominguez Hills and a Commitment to an Equal and Uniform Educational Experience for both Transfer and Native Students

MSP 10/19/11  sent 10/27/11

Exec 11-09 

In Opposition to Proposed Revision to the CSU Presidential Selection Process

MSP 9/7/11

Sense of the Senate

sent 10/18/11

Exec 11-08 

Support for Public Employees and Collective Bargaining

Exec 11-08

MSP 5/4/11

Sense of the Senate

sent 5/5/11

FAC 11-07 

Reaffirming Commitment to CSU Graduation Requirement (American Institutions) and Urging the Board of Trustees to Defer Consideration of Waivers to the Existing Title 5 Requirement

MSP 5/4/11

Sense of the Senate

Sent 5/5/11

EPC 11-06 

Establishment of a Faculty Development Center

MSP 5/4/11

Sent for Action 5/13/11

EPC 11-05 

Addition of Computer/Information Literacy Expectations and/or Student Learning Outcomes to Syllabi

MSP 5/4/11

Sent for Policy 5/13/11

Exec 11-04 

Request for Consultation in the Event of Proposed Program Elimination

MSP 4/20/11

Sense of the Senate

Sent 4/26/11

FPC 11-03

First Reading Item, Exec decided not to bring back for second reading

Decided not to bring to Senate
FPC 11-02 

Revision of RTP Procedures (MSP 4/6/11)

sent for policy 4/15/11

FPC 11-01 Resolution on RTP Process (Tabled on 03/02/11)Tabled

Resolutions 2006-2010
 Dropbox for 2006 - 2010 Resolutions 
FAC10-15 Resolution on Emeritus Status (MSP 12/08/10)(amended 3/16/11)sent for policy 4/1/11
FAC10-14 Resolution Honoring Professor Sofia Pappatheodorou (MSP 11/3/10)Honorarium

Resolution on Shared Governance in Allocating Restored Funding and in Future Planning (MSP)11/17/10)

Sense of the Senate
EPC 10-12 Resolution on Amendment to PM 09-14 (10/06/10) 
Exec 10-11 Resolution Honoring the Life and Memory of Mohamed El Badawi (MSP 05/05/10)In Memoriam
FPC 10-10Resolution Policy on Discontinuance of Academic Degree Programs (Removed from Agenda 05/05/10)Removed from Agenda
Exec 10-09 Resolution Honoring the Life and Memory of Professor Robert Alt (MSP 05/05/10)In Memoriam
FAC 10-08 Resolution on the Implementation of Mandatory Early Start Programs (MSP 09/01/10)Sense of the Senate
EPC 10-07 Resolution on General Education Committee (Tabled 05/05/10)Tabled
EPC 10-06 Resolution on University Curriculum Committee (Tabled 05/05/10)Tabled
FAC 10-05 Resolution: W* Call for Action by the Senate Executive Committee (MSP 03/03/10)Completed
EPC 10-04 Resolution on GPA Computation for Graduate Program Courses. (MSP 04/21/10) 
EPC 10-03Resolution Withdrawn, never passed by the senate.Withdrawn
EPC 10-02Resolution Withdrawn, never passed by the senate.Withdrawn
EPC 10-1 

Resolution on Advising Holds

MSP 03/17/10

Already in the Catalogue not a PM



FAC 09-12 

Resolution on The Academic Senate's Oversight of the General Education and University Curriculum Committees

MSP 11/18/09

PM 09-14
Exec 09-11

Resolution on Release Time

10/21/09 Taken Back For More Work

Exec 09-10 Resolution on the Timeline of the Academic Affairs Fall 2009 Program Planning Process MSP 10/21/09Sense of the Senate
FAC 09-09 Resolution on The Program Planning Process MSP 09/16/09Sense of the Senate
Exec 09-08 

Resolution Honoring the Life and Memory of Robert Dowling

MSP 10/21/09

In Memoriam
Exec 09-07 

Resolution Honoring the Life and Memory of Roger Berry

MSP 10/21/09

In Memoriam
Exec 09-06 

Resolution in Favor of the Implementation of a Campus Sexual Assault Policy.

MSP 05/06/09

PM 09-06
Exec 09-05 

Criteria and Policy for Temporary Suspension of Programs at CSUDH

MSP 05/06/09

Conflicts with Exec 01-05-sent back to Exec for revisions
EPC 09-04 Resolution on Computer Information Literacy MSP 04/22/09

All recommendations and no resolves. Sent back to EPC and Exec. Will follow up.

FPC 09-03 

Resolution on Shared Governance

MSP 04/22/09

See Exec 10-13

EPC 09-02 

Guidelines on Academic Technology and Distance Learning Classes

MSP 04/08/09

Sent back to EPC-write policy statement out of complex guidelines
Exec 09-01 Sense of the Senate Resolution on the Reorganization of the College of Health and Human Services and the College of Education MSP 02/18/09Sense of Senate
Exec 08-11 

Resolution on Amendment to Academic Senate Constitution and Bylaws

MSP 02/18/09

Constitution and Bylaws Amended
EPC 08-10 

Resolution on Amendment to Academic Senate Constitution

MSP 12/10/08

Constitution Amended
EPC 08-09 

Resolution on Definitions of a Service Learning Course and a Civic Engagement Course

MSP 10/15/08

EXEC 08-08

Resolution Honoring the Generosity and Memory of Katherine B. Loker

MSP 10/01/08

In Memoriam
EXEC 08-07 

Resolution Honoring the Accomplishments and the Memory of Donn Silvis

MSP 09/03/08

In Memoriam
EXEC 08-06 

Resolution Honoring the Life of Bill Little

MSP 05/07/08

In Memoriam
EPC 08-05 

Resolution on Waiver for TOEFL

MSP 05/21/08

PM 08-05
EPC 08-04 

Resolution on Acceptance of Tests and Scores for International Students

MSP 03/19/08

PM 09-08
FPC 08-03 

Resolution on Perceived Teaching Effectiveness (PTE) Instrument

MSP 03/19/08

EPC 08-02 

Resolution on Articulation of International Baccalaureate Exams

MSP 03/5/08

EXEC 08-01 

Resolution Honoring the Life of Dr. Rodney Butler

MSP 02/6/08

EXEC 07-07 

Resolution on the Amendment to the by-Laws of the Academic Senate Constitution

MSP 09/5/07

Constitution Amended
FPC 07-06 

RSCAAP Mini Grant Policy

MSP 09/5/07

EXEC 07-05

Resolution Honoring James E. Lyons

MSP 04/18/07

EPC 07-04 

Declaring a Major

MSP 05/02/07

FPC 07-03 

Administration of PTE Instrument

Taken Back for Work

Taken Back to FPC
FPC 07-02 

Settling the Contract Between CSU and CFA

MSP 02/14/07

EPC 07-01 

Changing the Passing Score on the GWE

MSP0 2/14/07

EPC 06-06 

Resolution on the Timely Adoption of Texts

MSP 02/14/07

EPC 06-05 

Resolution on Giving Comp Finals During Finals Week

Not Passed

Not Passed by Senate
EPC 06-04 

Resolution on Course Instructional Modalities

MSP 11/01/06

EXEC 06-03 

Resolution Honoring the Accomplishments and the Memory of David Heifetz

MSP 10/04/06

In Memoriam
EXEC 06-02 

Resolution Honoring Margaret Blue

MSP 05/10/06

EXEC 06-01 

Academic Senate Resolution in Support of the Coalition of Students, ASI , CFA, APC and CSUEU Chapters at CSUDH

MSP 05/10/06

Resolutions 1999- 2005

Resolutions 1999-2005 Dropbox 

EPC 05-12 Reporting lines and appeals process for UCC and GEMSP 04/26/06 (superseded by FAC 09-12)AAAP035.001
FPC 05-11 

Guidelines for Full time Academic and Administrator III and IV Positions

Supercedes PM 89-04 and Amendment #1 and PM 98-07




FPC 05-10 

Policy on Cycles I and VI Tenure Track Working Personnel Action Files

MSP 03/22/06

EPC 05-09 

Update of PM 98-02 Course Information Syllabi

MSP 02/8/06

EPC 05-08 

Resolution on Required Minors

MSP 03/22/06

FPC 05-07 

Revision to PM 01-03 Guidelines for Full-Time Academic and Administrator II and IV Positions

Did not go through

Not Passed by Senate
EPC 05-06 

Policy on Changing Class Size Enrollments

MSP 12/07/05

FPC 05-05

Unusually Meritorious

MSP 10/12/05

EXEC 05-04 

Resolution in Honor of Kathleen O' D. Walton

MSP 04/6/05

EPC 05-03 

Undergraduate Declaration of Major and Minor

MSP 04/6/05

EPC 05-02 

Amendment to PM 99-01 SAPAC

MSP 04/6/05

EXEC 05-01 

Re-nomination of Kathleen Kaiser as CSU Trustee

MSP 02/02/05

EXEC 04-11 

Resolution in Memory of James Riddell

MSP 12/01/04

In Memoriam
FPC 04-10 

The Role of the University RTP Committee

Taken back to FPC on 11/10/04

EXEC 04-09 

Resolution in Memory of George Marsh

MSP 11/10/04

In Memoriam
EXEC 04-08

Resolution in Memory of Martin E. Hare Jr.

MSP 10/13/04

In Memoriam
EPC 04-07 

Resolution on Shared Government and Definition of Low Enrolled Classes

Resolution not necessary Provost will issue a letter 09/29/04

Resolution no necessary-Provost issued a letter 9/29/04
FPC 04-06

Unusually Meritorious

Taken back to FPC on 9/15/04 for more work

EXEC 04-05 

Resolution Honoring David Morafka

MSP 03/3/04

In Memoriam
EXEC 04-04

Resolution on Senate Membership During Transition Period

MSP 04/7/04

EXEC 04-03 

Resolution on Committee Structures

MSP 04/7/04

EXEC 04-02

Joint Decision Making

MSP 03/03/04

EXEC 04-01 

Endorsement of Proposition 55: Public Education Bond Act

MSP 02/04/04

EXEC 03-16 

Summer 2004 Session

MSP 02/04/04

EPC 03-15

Resolution to Change Policy for Withdraw from a Course

MSP 02/04/04

EXEC 03-14 

CSUDH Assessment, Planning and Resource Allocation

MSP 07/10/2003

Exec 03-13 

Membership and Charge of the GE Committee

MSP 07/10/2003

EPC 03-12 

Data for Evaluation for Perceived Teaching Effectiveness Survey Results

MSP 05/7/03

EXEC 03-11 

A Resolution in Honor of Police Chief Mike Lordanich

MSP 04/9/03

EPC 03-10 

Resolution to Encourage Fiscal Support for Designated Writing Intensive courses and Writing Across the Curriculum

MSP 05/7/03

EPC 03-09 

Resolution to Establish CSUDH Writing Intensive Courses

MSP 05/07/03 AAAP004.001

EXEC 03-08 

James L. Welch Hall

MSP 03/05/03

In Memoriam
EXEC 03-07 

Five Guiding Principles for Budget Negotiations

MSP 03/05/03 AAFM001.001

EPC 03-06 

Policy Regarding Credit By Examination in Graduate Courses

MSP 02/19/03 AAAP003.001

EPC 03-05 

Policy Regarding Unit Ratio for Master's Degrees

MSP 02/19/03 AAAP002.001

EPC 03-04 

Policies and Procedures For Comprehensive Exams in Graduate Programs

MSP 02/19/03AAAP001.001

EPC 03-03 

Policy on Posthumous Degree

Taken back to EPC for more work 2/5/03

MSP 07/10/03

EPC 03-02

Policy Regarding Children on Campus

Taken back to EPC for more work 3/5/03 - Not Passed

Not Passed
EXEC 03-01 

Resolution dedicated to Hal Charnofsky

MSP 02/5/03

In Memorium
FPC 02-22

Policy on Scheduling and Staffing Summer Term With YRO

Taken back to FPC for more work 12/04/02 - Not Passed

Not Passed
FPC 02-21 

RTP Process

- MSP 05/07/2003

FPC 02-20

Criteria for Nomination and Supporting Evidence For the Outstanding professor Award

MSP 03/05/03

FPC 02-19

Lyle Gibson Dominguez Hills Distinguished Teacher Award

MSP 02/05/03 - AAPS006.001

FPC 02-18 

CSUDH Service Award

MSP 12/04/02 - AAPSOO9.001

EXEC 02-17 

Pre-Tax Parking Payroll Deduction

MSP 10/23/02

FPC 02-16 

NTC Task force

Resolution Unnecessary

Resolution Unecessary
FPC 02-15 

RTP Length

MSP 10/23/02

FPC 02-14 

Scholarship, Research and Creativity Award

MSP 10/23/02

EPC 02-13 

The CSUDH Graduate

Sent back to EPC for work

Not Passed sent back to EPC
EXEC 02-12

Nepotism Policy

MSP 05/8/02 - Sent to President's Office 5/28/02 for PM Issuance

FPC 02-11 Part I and II 

Campus Identity And Visual Environment

Part I Defeated 5/8/02, Part II MSP 5/8/02 - Sent to President's Office 5/28/02 for PM issuance

FPC 02-10 

Emeritus Faculty Status

MSP PM 02-05


PM 02-05

EXEC 02-09 

Approval of Calendar 2003-2004

MSP 09/25/02

EPC 02-08 

Undergraduate Declaration of Major

MSP 5/8/02 PM 02-07

PM 02-07
FPC 02-07 

Office hours

MSP Sent to Presidents office 04/30/02 for PM issuance

FPC 02-06 

Campus Space Allocation

MSP - Sent to President's Office 04/30/02 for PM issuance

EPC 02-05 

Policy on Broad Generic Courses with Sub Titles

Defeated 04/10/02

EPC 02-04 

Change of Incomplete Policy


EXEC 02-03 

Toro Tuesdays


EPC 02-02 

Undergraduate International Admission Requirement (Holding for Title V Changes)

PM 02-04 issued 9/24/02

PM 02-04
FPC 02-01

Procedures for Processing Campus Resolutions

MSP - Sent to President's Office 4/20/02 for PM issuance

PM 07-05
EPC 01-23

Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Committee Membership

MSP - PM 02-02

PM 02-02


FPC 01-22 

Revision of PM 01-05 Creation of Faculty Awards

MSP - Sent to President's Office 4/30/02 for PM issuance

PM 02-06


EPC 01-21 

Educational Leave (Post Baccalaureate Student)

MSP PM 02-01

PM 02-01
EPC 01-20 

Changing of Grades after Degree Posting (Removal of In completes)

MSP 11/07/01

FPC 01-19 

Shared Governance in Academic Planning and Design

MSP 11/07/01

EXEC 01-18

Resolution on Teach In


EPC 01-17

Undergraduate International Admissions Requirements

Defeated 10/24/01

PM 02-04
EPC 01-16

Draft Student Learning Outcomes Assessment

Sent back to EPC to be rewritten

EXEC 01-15 

Resolution on the Terrorist Attacks of September 11, 2001


EXEC 01-14 

Resolution In Memory of Christina Kinney Roberts


In Memoriam
EXEC 01-13 Resolution Honoring Accomplishments and the Memory of Leonard Mbogue Moite In Memoriam
FPC 01-12 

Resolution On Intellectual Property Policy

MSP - PM 01-04

PM 01-04
EPC 01-11

Resolution On Continuous Attendance in Master's Program

MSP PM 02-03

PM 02-03
EPC 01-10Resolution On Course Classification & Enrollment Capping  
EPC 01-09 

Resolution On Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR) Policy and Procedures

MSP PM 01-02

PM 01-02
EPC 01-08

Resolution on Teacher Responsibility and Academic Freedom

MSP PM 01-07

PM 01-07
FPC 01-07 

Resolution on Creation of Faculty Awards

MSP PM 01-05

PM 01-05
FPC 01-06 

Resolution on Guidelines for Search Committees for Full Time Academic and Administrator III and IV Positions

MSP PM 01-03

PM 01-03
EXEC 01-05 

Policy and Procedures for Establishing, Disestablishing, Reconfiguring and/or renaming departments, and/or other administrative units that support academic instructional programs 

MSP 04/18/01

FPC 01-04 Allocation of Faculty Merit Increase (FMI) Funds to Departments 
FPC 01-03 Resolution in Memory of Leo F. Cain In Memoriam
FPC 01-02 Resolution on Proposed Policy and Procedures for Temporary Faculty Salary Range Elevation 
FPC 01-01 Resolution on the CSUDH Faculty Workload for YRO Summer Term 2001 
EXE 00-26Commendation for the CSUDH Men's Soccer Team 
FPC 00-25 Resolution on Closing the Faculty Salary Gap 
FPC 00-24 Resolution Calling for a Moratorium on an Assessment of the Faculty Merit Increase (FMI Program) 
FPC 00-23 Resolution on the CSU Dominguez Hills Faculty Merit Increase (FMI) Appeals Process 
FPC 00-22 Resolution Concerning the Faculty Satisfaction and Institutional Practices Questionnaire 
EPC 00-21 S.P. Grades 
EPC 00-20Resolution on Closing the Faculty Salary Gap( CFSG) and Declaring a Faculty Merit Increase Moratorium 
EXEC 00-19 Resolution Regarding Merit Decisions 
EXEC 00-18 Approval of the Academic Calendar for 2001-2004 
EXEC 00-17 Recommendation for a Moratorium on the Reorganization of Academic Units 
EXEC 00-16 Resolution in Opposition to Proposition 38: School Vouchers 
EXEC 99-18 Resolution of Endorsement of University Mission Statement 
EXEC 99-13 Resolution in Memory of William Armacost 
EXEC 99-11University Mission Statement
EXEC 99-06 Resolution in Support of Statewide Academic Senate Rebuke of Chancellor Reed