University Writing

University Writing Committee

The UWC initiates and/or reviews all policy proposals pertaining to GWAR and submits formal recommendations to the Academic Senate for review and approval.

The UWC implements and oversees policies governing GWAR requirements and standards and shall review and approve courses for GWAR certification as part of the curriculum review process.

The UWC administers and assesses the elements of the Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement.

Committee Composition

As a university-wide deliberative body, the UWC seeks an inclusive, multi-disciplinary membership, including non-tenure track faculty. As Colleges and other equivalent academic units might be re-named, restructured, or grow in number, the policy will not have to be revised when such changes occur.

  • The UWC’s charge indicates that the WAC Coordinator shall serve as Chair and engage in on-going consultation with all stakeholders regarding the GWAR
  • One faculty member from each of the following Colleges and Units elected by the faculty of those Colleges:
    • College of Arts & Humanities (excluding English Department faculty)
    • The University Library
    • College of Business Administration & Public Policy
    • College of Education College of Health, Human Services, & Nursing
    • College of Natural & Behavioral Sciences
  • One faculty member, with disciplinary experience working with multilingual students, elected by the Academic Senate
  • One member of Associated Students Incorporated (ASI) with undergraduate standing, elected by ASI Leadership.
  • The following representatives are ex officio, voting members who serve by virtue of their positions in allied academic offices and units.
  • The Chair, or designee, of the Non-Tenure Track Faculty Board
  • The Director of the Writing Center.
  • The Director of the Toro Learning & Testing Center
  • The Chair, or designee of the EPC Committee 
  • The Faculty Director of GE Assessment
  • The Director of USLOAC
  • The Composition Director of the English Department
  • The Dean of Undergraduate Studies 

Service of the elected members on the committee shall be in staggered two-year terms with the terms of newly added members to be determined by lot at the first UWC meeting of each academic year.

The Chair of the Committee reports on the committee’s activities to the Academic Senate during its regularly scheduled meetings at the request of the Chair of the Academic Senate.

GWAR-Certifying Courses

For questions regarding the campus curriculum review process and the Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement, please contact the Office of Academic Programs at


Siskanna Naynaha
(310) 243-3359

Meeting dates:

UWC meets on the 1st Monday and 3rd Wednesday of every month from 10 am - 12 noon.

Members 2023-2024

  • Siskanna Naynaha, Committee Chair, Director of Writing Across the Curriculum
  • vacant, CBAPP Representative
  • Rui Sun, Interim Director of Assessment
  • Mike Karlin, COE Representative
  • Jim Hill, Chair of EPC
  • Sumino Otsuji, GWAR Coordinator
  • Jennifer Brandt, CAH Representative
  • Kathryn E. Theiss, CNBS Representative
  • Iris A’Hirataro, CHHSN Representative
  • Ryan Khoo, Director of the Toro Learning & Testing Center
  • Sherwin Sales, Director of the Writing Center
  • Kim Costino (ex officio), Dean of Undergraduate Studies
  • vacant, Student Representative 
  • Miriam Hernandez, Multilingual Representative
  • Rosio Moreno, Administrative Support