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The University Writing Committee (UWC), a standing committee of the Academic Senate, seeks to build and maintain a robust culture of writing at CSUDH that supports and advances the mission, vision, and goals of the University while it positively impacts students, faculty, and staff. The UWC provides vision, leadership, and expertise aimed at building a culture of writing within the University, and serves as a recommending body to the Academic Senate on matters related to university-wide writing policies and practices. In addition, the UWC offers consultation and recommendations to University entities tasked with the oversight, development, and review of: student writing requirements and standards; student learning outcomes assessment; and program assessment related to student writing. During the 2016-2017 academic year, the UWC will focus on the following projects: 

  1. Developing a two-year assessment plan for Writing Intensive (WI) Courses at CSUDH; 
  2. Revising the University WI policy to emphasize the program’s qualitative Program Learning Outcomes (rather than quantitative measures for course approval); 
  3. Using faculty and student writing survey data as a starting point for identifying courses that emphasize writing in the disciplines; 
  4. Using identified courses as the basis for building institutional support for WI courses and increasing the density of WI-designated courses at Dominguez Hills;
  5. Developing a two-year plan to assess the effectiveness and appropriateness of the GWE as a measure of upper-division writing readiness, guided by The Framework for Success in Post-Secondary Writing (2011), authored by the Council of Writing Program Administrators, the National Council of Teachers of English, and the National Writing Project.


Siskanna Naynaha: The Writing Across the Curriculum Coordinator, who shall serve as the Chair of the committee; and

  • Maruth Figueroa - Director of the Toro Learning Center
  • Anne Garrett: The Coordinator of the Writing Adjunct program in IDS.
  • Anne Garrett (same as AG above): The Graduation Writing Assessment Requirement Coordinator
  • Patricia Kalayjian: Arts and Humanities (excluding English Department faculty)
  • Patricia Kalayjian: The Chair, or designee, of the General Education Committee
  • Megumi Kuwabara: Health, Human Services and Nursing
  • Helen Oesterheld: English Department representative, elected by department faculty
  • Enrique Ortega: The Chair, or designee, of the Educational Policies Committee of the Senate
  • Enrique Ortega: The Chair, or designee, of the University Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment Committee
  • Katy Pinto: Chair of the Graduate Council, elected by the faculty of the Council
  • Kimberly Costino: Dean of Undergraduate Studies
  • Jenn Sumner: Business Administration and Public Policy
  • Kathryn Theiss: Natural and Behavioral Sciences
  • Nancy Hernandez: Undergraduate Representative
  • Sarah Wheeler: Graduate Representative
  • Vanessa Wenzel: One faculty member, with ESL competency, elected by the Senate
  • Nancy Hernandez: Undergraduate Representative
  • Sarah Wheeler: Graduate Representative