University Curriculum

The University Curriculum Committee (UCC), as a standing committee of the Academic Senate, reviews and approves University Curriculum;

Committee Members 2022-2023

Voting Members

  • Jenn Brandt (CAH)
  • Cenap Ilter - (CBAPP)
  • Glenn deVoogd- (COE)
  • Lynda Wilson - (CEIE)
  • Analynn Valdez-Dadia - (CHHSN)
  • Brian Gregor - (CAH)
  • Maria Hurtado-Ortiz (CNBS)
  • Philip Lapolt - (Instructional Dean)
  • Carolyn Caffrey Gardener (University Library) 
    • Hannah Lee - while Carolyn Caffrey Gardener on Sabbatical Fall 2022 
  • Vacant - Student Representative
  • Horace Crogman - (EPC Chair)
  • Adriean Mancillas - (Graduate Council Chair)
  • Matt Mutchler - (USLOAC Chair)

Non Voting Members

  • Ken O'Donnell, Vice Provost
  • Sheree Schrager, Dean of Graduate Studies
  • Cynthia Turner, Articulation Officer
  • Tracey Haney, Academic Programs

Staff Support

  • Guillermo Tellez, Academic Programs


The University Curriculum Committee meets on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month from 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. 

Please contact Lilliana Sanchez for meeting information. 

UCC Reports:

University Curriculum Committee Agendas and Minutes