Executive Committee

According to the Constitution and Bylaws of the Academic Senate there shall be only one faculty organizational committee, The Academic Senate Executive Committee. The general purpose of this committee is to facilitate the efficient functioning of the General Faculty and the Academic Senate. The Executive Committee consists of The Chair of the Academic Senate, The Vice Chair, Immediate Past Senate Chair, The Education Policy Chair, The Faculty Policy Chair, The Parliamentarian, two Statewide Senators, one Non Tenure Track Faculty and the Secretary.

Committee Membership (2022-2023)

Jim Hill

Jim Hill, Ph.D.
Academic Senate Chair
Physics, CNBS

Sarah Lacey

Sarah Lacy, Ph.D.
 Senate Vice Chair
Anthropology, CNBS

Annemarie Perez, Ph.D.
Senate Parliamentarian 
Interdisciplinary Studies, CAH

Rama Malladi Picture
 Rama Malladi, Ph.D.
Finance, CBAPP

Horace Crogman Picture
Horace Crogman, Ph.D.
Educational Policy Committee Chair
Physics, CNBS

Kate Esposito
Kate Esposito, Ph.D. 
Faculty Policy Committee Chair
Special Education, COE 

Tom Norman
Thomas Norman, Ph.D.
Statewide Senator
Business Management, CBAPP

Laura Talamante
Laura Talamante, Ph.D.
Statewide Senator,
Immediate Past Senate Chair

History, CAH

Paul Fornelli
Paul Fornelli, ED.D., M.F.A.
NTTF Representative
Communications, CAH


All Senate Executive meetings are from 2:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m. currently via Zoom.

Fall 2022 Meetings:

  • August 24
  • September 7 & 21
  • October 5 & 19
  • November 2 & 16
  • December 7 

Spring 23 Meetings 

  • January 18
  • February 1 & 15
  • March 1 & 15 
  • April 5 & 19 
  • May 3 & 17