Executive Committee

According to the Constitution and Bylaws of the Academic Senate there shall be only one faculty organizational committee, The Academic Senate Executive Committee. The general purpose of this committee is to facilitate the efficient functioning of the General Faculty and the Academic Senate. The Executive Committee consists of The Chair of the Academic Senate, The Vice Chair, The Education Policy Chair, The Faculty Policy Chair, The Parliamentarian, two Statewide Senators, one Non Tenure Track Faculty and the Secretary.

Current members of the Senate Executive Committee include: Charles Thomas, Chair; Laura Talamante, Vice Chair; Enrique Ortega, Parliamentarian; Sam Russo, Educational Policy Committee Chair; Katy Pinto, Faculty Policy Committee Chair; Kirti Celly, Statewide Senator; Thomas Norman, Statewide Senator; Rita Anderson, Non Tenure Track Faculty; and Dana Ospina, Secretary.


All Senate Exec meetings are from 2:30 - 5 pm in WH A-420

Fall 2019 meetings:

Aug. 21
Sep. 4 & 18
Oct. 2, 16, & 30
Nov. 13
Dec. 4

Executive Committee Members

Charles Thomas
Charles Thomas
Senate Chair
Business Law

Laura Talamante
Laura Talamante, Ph.D.
Vice Chair

Enrique Ortega, Ph.D.
Health Sciences

Salvatore Russo
Sam (Salvatore) Russo
EPC Chair
Political Science

katy pinto
Katy Pinto, Ph.D.
FPC Chair

Tom Norman
Thomas Norman, Ph.D.
Statewide Senator
Business Management

Kirti Celly
Kirti Celly, Ph.D.
Statewide Senator
Management & Marketing

Dana Ospina Headshot
Dana Ospina, Secretary

Rita Anderson
NTTF Representative
Teacher Preparation

Executive Committee Agendas and Summaries

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Executive Committee Agendas and Summaries
Meeting DateAgendaSummary
7/11/19Agenda[Word Doc]Minutes[Word Doc]
5/15/19Agenda[Word Doc]Minutes[Word Doc]
5/1/19Agenda[Word Doc]Minutes[Word Doc]
4/17/19Agenda[Word Doc]Minutes[Word Doc]
3/27/19Agenda[Word Doc]Minutes[Word Doc]
3/13/19Agenda[Word Doc]Minutes[Word Doc]
2/27/19Agenda[Word Doc]Minutes[Word Doc]
2/13/19Agenda[Word Doc]Minutes[Word Doc]
1/30/19Agenda[Word Doc]Minutes[Word Doc]
1/16/19Agenda[Word Doc]Minutes[Word Doc]
12/5/18Agenda[PDF Doc]Minutes[Word Doc]
11/14/18Agenda[Word Doc]Minutes[Word Doc]
10/31/18Agenda[Word Doc]Minutes[Word Doc]
10/17/18Agenda[Word Doc]Minutes[Word Doc]
10/3/18Agenda[Word Doc]Minutes[Word Doc]
9/19/18Agenda[Word Doc]Minutes[Word Doc]
9/5/18Agenda[Word Doc]Minutes[Word Doc]
8/22/18Agenda[Word Doc]Minutes[Word Doc]
7/18/18Agenda[Word Doc]Minutes[Word Doc]
5/7/18AgendaMinutes[Word Doc]
4/25/18AgendaMinutes[Word Doc]
4/11/18AgendaMinutes[Word Doc]
3/21/18AgendaMinutes[Word Doc]
3/7/18AgendaMinutes[Word Doc]
2/21/18AgendaMinutes[Word Doc]
2/7/18AgendaMinutes[Word Doc]
1/24/18AgendaMinutes[Word Doc]
12/6/17AgendaMinutes[Word Doc]
11/15/17AgendaMinutes[Word Doc]
11/1/17AgendaMinutes[Word Doc]
10/18/17AgendaMinutes[Word Doc]
10/4/17AgendaMinutes[Word Doc]
9/20/17AgendaMinutes[Word Doc]
9/6/17AgendaMinutes[Word Doc]
8/23/17AgendaMinutes[Word Doc]
7/13/17AgendaMinutes[Word Doc]
5/17/17AgendaMinutes[Word Doc]
5/3/17AgendaMinutes[Word Doc]
4/19/17AgendaMinutes[Word Doc]
4/5/17AgendaMinutes[Word Doc]
3/15/17AgendaMinutes[Word Doc]
3/1/17AgendaMinutes[Word Doc]
2/15/17AgendaMinutes[Word Doc]
2/1/17AgendaMinutes[Word Doc]
1/18/17AgendaMinutes[Word Doc]
11/23/16AgendaMinutes[Word Doc]
11/9/16AgendaMinutes[Word Doc]
10/26/16AgendaMinutes[Word Doc]
10/12/16AgendaMinutes[Word Doc]
09/28/16AgendaMinutes[Word Doc]
09/14/16AgendaMinutes[Word Doc]
08/31/16AgendaMinutes[Word Doc]
08/17/16Agenda (Gen Fac)Minutes[Word Doc]
07/13/16AgendaMinutes[Word Doc]
04/27/16AgendaMinutes[Word Doc]
04/13/16AgendaMinutes[Word Doc]
03/23/16AgendaMinutes[Word Doc]
03/9/16Agenda[Word Doc]Minutes[Word Doc]
02/23/16Agenda[Word Doc]Minutes[Word Doc]
02/10/16Agenda[Word Doc]Minutes[Word Doc]
11/9/15AgendaMinutes[Word Doc]
10/28/15AgendaMinutes[Word Doc]
10/14/15AgendaMinutes[Word Doc]
09/30/15Agenda[Word Doc]Minutes[Word Doc]
09/16/15Agenda[Word Doc]Minutes[Word Doc]
08/26/15Agenda[Word Doc]Minutes[Word Doc]
07/15/15Agenda[Word Doc]Minutes[Word Doc]
4/29/15Agenda[Word Doc]Minutes[Word Doc]
03/25/15Agenda[Word Doc]Minutes[Word Doc]
03/11/15Agenda[Word Doc]Minutes[Word Doc]
02/25/15Agenda[Word Doc]Minutes[Word Doc]
02/11/15Agenda[Word Doc]Minutes[Word Doc]
01/28/15Agenda[Word Doc]Minutes[Word Doc]
12/10/14Agenda[Word Doc]Minutes[Word Doc]
11/12/14Agenda[Word Doc]Minutes[Word Doc]
10/29/14Agenda[Word Doc]Minutes[Word Doc]
10/15/14Agenda[Word Doc]Minutes[Word Doc]
10/01/14Agenda[Word Doc]Minutes[Word Doc]
09/17/14Agenda[Word Doc]Minutes[Word Doc]
09/03/14Agenda[Word Doc]Minutes[Word Doc]
07/16/14Agenda[Word Doc]Minutes[Word Doc]
04/30/14Agenda[Word Doc]Minutes[Word Doc]
04/16/14Agenda[Word Doc]Minutes[Word Doc]
 03/26/14Agenda[Word Doc]Minutes[Word Doc}
03/12/14 Agenda[Word Doc]Minutes[Word Doc]
 02/26/14Agenda[Word Doc]Minutes[Word Doc]
2/12/14Agenda[Word Doc]Minutes[Word Doc]
1/29/14Agenda[Word Doc]Minutes[Word Doc]
 11/13/13Agenda[Word Doc]Minutes[Word Doc]
10/23/13Agenda[Word Doc]Minutes[Word Doc]
10/02/13Agenda[Word Doc]Minutes[Word Doc]
09/25/13Agenda[Word Doc]Minutes[Word Doc]
09/11/13Agenda[Word Doc]Minutes"Word Doc}
08/28/13Agenda[Word Doc]Minutes[Word Doc]
06/12/13Agenda[Word Doc]Minutes[Word Doc]
05/01/13Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]
04/17/13Agenda [PDF]Minutes
03/27/13Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]
03/13/13Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]
02/27/13Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]
02/13/13Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]
01/23/13Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]
12/05/12Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]
11/14/12Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]
10/03/12Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]
09/19/12Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]
09/05/12Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]
08/22/12Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]
07/18/12AgendaMinutes [PDF]
05/16/12Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]
05/02/12Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]
04/18/12Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]
04/04/12AgendaMinutes [PDF]
03/14/12Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]
02/22/12Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]
02/08/12Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]
01/25/12Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]
01/18/12AgendaMinutes [PDF]
11/30/11Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]
11/09/11Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]
10/26/11Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]
10/12/11Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]
09/28/11Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]
09/14/11Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]
08/31/11Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]
07/20/11Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]
06/29/11AgendaMinutes [PDF]
06/08/11AgendaMinutes [PDF]
05/18/11Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]
04/27/11Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]
04/13/11Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]
03/23/11Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]
03/09/11Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]
02/23/11Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]
02/09/11Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]
01/19/11Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]
12/01/10Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]
11/10/10Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]
10/27/10Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]
10/13/10Agenda [PDF]Minutes [PDF]
09/29/10Agenda [WORD DOC]Minutes [PDF]
09/08/10Agenda [WORD DOC]Minutes [WORD DOC]
08/17/10Agenda [WORD DOC]Minutes [WORD DOC]
07/01/10Agenda [WORD DOC]Minutes
05/24/10Agenda [WORD DOC]Minutes [WORD DOC]