Faculty Policy

The Faculty Policy Committee (FPC) is the primary advisory body to the Academic Senate of California State University, Dominguez Hills (ASCSUDH) in matters pertaining to faculty personnel policy development and administration of policies governing faculty personnel matters. Changes in existing faculty personnel policies shall first be considered by this committee.
The FPC is a standing committee of the Academic Senate, and, as such, all policies and regulations recommended by the FPC shall be presented to the Academic Senate for approval.
The FPC shall review, evaluate, and make recommendations to the Academic Senate regarding all new and existing policies and statements relating to faculty, e.g., appointment, retention, tenure, and promotion or advancement; layoffs; professional ethics; leaves; discipline; safety; academic freedom and intellectual property rights; staffing formula and workload; and awards; as well as any other matters deemed appropriate for review by the committee that may be assigned to it by the Academic Senate. FPC may initiate recommendations for change for the successful implementation of those policies

The committee should consist of 11 members:

  1. Voting Members:
  • FPC Chair, nominated by the ASCSUDH chair and approved by the Academic Senate, and responsible for planning and scheduling of meetings and making appointments to subcommittees of the FPC.
  • One faculty member (T/TT/NTT) from all colleges and the library, counseling, and coaches or their designees (total 9) to serve staggered two year terms (CAH, CBAPP, CNBS, Counseling in odd spring election years) and (CHHSN, COE, CEIE, Library, Coaches in even spring election years); Faculty representatives will be elected by the Academic Senate according to the By-Laws of the General faculty and the ASCSUDH. Elections for faculty representatives should occur during the spring.  If a faculty member requires a proxy, the proxy must be a faculty member from the representative unit.
  • One Non-Tenure Track Faculty Representative
  1. Ex-officio non-voting members:
  • AVP of Faculty Affairs and Development, or their designee
  • One CFA faculty representative or designee
  • Chair or representative of Council of Department Chairs and Program Coordinators, or their designee

Committee Members 2024-2025

  • Kate Esposito- (FPC Chair) (COE) 
  • Qiyuan Jin- (CBAPP) 
  • Ken Seligson (CNBS) 
  • Katie Johnson - (Counseling)
  • Steven Schuelka- (NTTF) (CCPE)
  • Rene Castro- (COE) 
  • Dana Ospina (Library) 
  • Anupama Joshi   (CHHSN) 
  • Ellie Zehari (CAH) 


  • Cheryl Koos - (FAD)
  • Alfredo Carlos - (CFA)


Meetings: 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month, 12:00 – 1:30 pm via zoom.

Reports & Presentations 

FPC End of of Year Report and other Presentation Dropbox

FPC Minutes & Agendas 

If you would like additional information, please contact Kate Esposito, FPC Chair @ kesposito@csudh.edu or Tracey McGuire, Senate Analyst @ tmcguire1@csudh.edu.