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05/06/20: Updated Faculty Recruitment Plan 2020-21 (Spagna)
Fall 2020 Enrollment Update (Franklin)
04/22/20: Academic Affairs, Cost Projection Group (O'Donnell)
04/08/20: Faculty Recruitment Plan 2020-21 (Spagna)
03/04/20: Learning Management System (Boroon) 
03/04/20: Blackboard Upgrades (Boroon)
02/19/20: GE Assessment Working Group Senate (Costino)
(The following was referenced during the GE Assessment Working Group Senate)
 - GELOs Draft
 - Nine Principles of Good Practice for Assessing Student Learning
02/19/20: MDAAPEI Report (Samad)
02/19/20: Declining Enrollment in California Schools (Spagna)
02/19/20: DH Basic Needs Assessment Results and Next Steps (Hawk/Asatoorian)
02/05/20: Faculty Development Center (Koos)
02/05/20: Campus Writing Center (Grayson)
11/20/19: Fall 2019 Enrollment Trends (Franklin) 
11/06/19: Faculty Hiring Scorecard (Koos)
11/06/19: Student Success Dashboard Case Study (Thomas)
10/23/19: Retention Management Report (Figueroa/Olschwang)
(The following was referenced in the Retention Management Report)
  - Graduation Initiative Fact Sheet 2025
  - Graduation Initiative Technology Ecosystem Sheet 2025
10/23/19: Facilities & Sustainability (Perry)
10/23/19: Digital Roadmap Roundtable (Manriquez)
10/09/19: Title IX - Processes and Resources (Schrock)
(The following was referenced in the Title IX Report)
  - CSUDH Title IX & DHR Faulty Reporting Guide 19-20 
10/09/19: CSU Academic Report (Senate Chair Nelson)
10/09/19: Emergency Preparedness (Chief Velez)
10/09/19: Basic Needs Survey and Campaign (Hawk)
9/25/19: CBAPP Accreditation Update/Timeline (Dean Wen)
(The following were referenced during the CBAPP Presentation) 
  - CBAPP AACSB Report 12/07/2018
  - CBAPP Faculty/Staff Survey Sept. 2019
  - CBAPP Faculty/Staff Survey May 2019
9/25/19: Reimagining the Curriculum Process: A Pilot Program (Pawar) 
9/11/19: Updated Master Plan (Parham)
9/11/19: Student Conduct/Care Team (Smith/Ritter)
9/11/19: Basic Needs Resources (Kirk/McFadzen)
9/11/19: Stud Health/Psy Srvcs Article (MacHarg)
9/11/19: Advising Review (Figueroa/Rodriguez)



Topics/Materials Referenced at Senate Meetings