Academic Technology Committee

The Academic Technology Committee (ATC) will review and recommend emerging academic technologies tools and best practices to be integrated into educational practice, including advising and professional development technology processes and tools.

The membership of the Academic Technology Committee shall be co-chaired by the Academic Technology Instructional Media & Design Manager and one faculty elected by the committee from the faculty of the committee. The committee consists of 16 members total:  

  • Six faculty members elected, one each, by and from the stateside Colleges and the Library,
  • An appointed member of the College of Extended and International Education,
  • The Educational Policy Committee Chair (or EPC/Senate member designee),
  • Two student members appointed by the Associated Students Incorporated,
  • The Dean of Undergraduate Studies,
  • The Dean of Graduate Studies,
  • The Director of the Faculty Development Center,
  • The Director of University Advising (or advising member designee),
  • An appointed member of TV & Media Production.

 The Academic Technology Committee meet monthly for one hour. There shall be consultation and liaison with other appropriate Standing Committees and regular updates to the Academic Senate regarding technologies under consideration via the Senate representative.

The Academic Technology Committee will participate in the annual Senate Retreat at the beginning of each academic year and provide an end-of-the-year report at the last meeting of the Academic Senate.

Committee Members (2023-24)

  • Reza Boroon - Committee Chair
  • Sheree Schrager - Dean of Graduate Studies and Research
  • Cathy Andrade -  (CHHSN)
  • Amlan Cahntterjee - (CNBS)
  • Kevin S. Montes (CNBS)
  • Mike Karlin (COE)
  • Jim Hill (EPC)
  • Juliamin Kawibowo - (CBAPP)
  • Wei Ma - (Library)
  • Steve Williams - Academic Technology
  • Emily Rascon-Desantos - ATI Coordinator
  • Cara Furman - IT Communication & Training
  • Vacant - University Advisement
  • Arvin Lambinicio - Extended Education


The Committee will meet on the first Wednesday of each month @1pm during the Academic year. (Please note that the schedule is subject to change due to the availability of committee members)

Reports & Presentations 

Academic Technology Committee Agenda and Minutes

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