Academic Technology Committee

The CSUDH Academic Technology Committee (ATC) will review and recommend emerging academic technologies tools and best practices to be integrated into educational practice.

Charge: The charge of the ATC is to investigate emerging technologies and recommend the academic technologies, processes, and tools to be integrated into educational practice, including advising and professional development technology processes and tools.

As a Standing Committee of the Academic Senate, the ATC will work in consultation and liaison with other appropriate Standing Committees, and provide regular updates to the Academic Senate regarding technologies under consideration, via the Senate representative on the committee. Additionally, the ATC will participate in the annual Senate Retreat at the beginning of each academic year and provide an end-of-the-year report at the last meeting of the Academic Senate by the Chair of the Academic Technology Committee. The Committee will meet monthly, on the first Wednesday, during the Academic year.


The Committee will meet on the first Wednesday of each month during the Academic year.


Academic Technology Committee Agenda and Minutes

Dec 2019: Agenda | Minutes 

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