Graduate Council

Graduate Council

The Graduate Council Committee of CSUDH serves in an advisory capacity to the Academic Senate and to the Dean of Graduate Studies and Research Policy considerations and recommendations will be forwarded to both. In addition to providing a network within the campus community for faculty and administrators with responsibility for graduate programs, the Council will play an advocacy role for CSU Dominguez Hills graduate programs both on and off the campus.

Graduate Council Committee Charge [PDF]

Committee Members (2020-2021)

Voting Members

  • Adriean Mancillas - Committee Chair
  • Terri Ares (CHHSN)
  • Mohsen Behesti (CNBS)
  • Debra Best (CAH)
  • Antonia Boadi (CNBS)
  • Cheyenne Cummings (CNBS)
  • Edward Curammeng (COE/TED)
  • N. Vasquez (MSW)
  • Kate Esposito (COE)
  • Jiancho Han (CNBS)
  • Julie Jhun (COE)
  • Brian Jarrett (CAH)
  • Adriean Mancillas (COE)
  • Mark Muller (CHHSN)
  • Heather Kitching (CHHSN)
  • Terry Peralta (CHHSN)
  • Betty Vu (Ass. Dean, CBAPP)
  • Fang Wang (CNBS)
  • Monique Willis (CHHSN)
  • Silvia Santos (CNBS)
  • Edward Zoerner (CAH)
  • Lynda Wilson (CEIE)
  • Karen Wilson (CNBS)
  • John Price (Dean, GS)
  • Leo Martinez (Ass. Dean, CNBS)
  • Vanessa Cervantes (GS Coordinator)


The following is the calendar for the GC meetings of academic year 2020-2021, TBD.

If you would like additional information, please contact Katy Pinto, Graduate Council Chair.

Graduate Council Document