Graduate Council

The Graduate Council Committee of CSUDH serves in an advisory capacity to the Academic Senate and to the Dean of Graduate Studies and Research Policy considerations and recommendations will be forwarded to both. In addition to providing a network within the campus community for faculty and administrators with responsibility for graduate programs, the Council will play an advocacy role for CSU Dominguez Hills graduate programs both on and off the campus.

The Council considers and makes general recommendations regarding
University-wide policies regarding requirements and standards for graduate curricula and degrees.
University-wide policies for the admission, retention and graduation of graduate students.
University-wide academic policies and standards for graduate assistantships, scholarships and fellowships.
Policies and procedures for theses, projects and comprehensive examinations.
Graduate academic program review.
Graduate Institutional Learning Outcomes (ILO).

Formulate, review and recommend policies and criteria regarding postbaccalaureate certificate programs and post-baccalaureate credential programs.
Provide an impact statement for new program proposals and program modifications, including discontinuance, to describe the impact, if any, on existing graduate programs as specified by the most current University Curriculum process.
Review and evaluate all graduate course proposals based on criteria and procedures as specified by the most current University Curriculum process.
Provide advice and support regarding graduate education on campus to the Dean of Graduate Studies & Research.

Additionally, the Council will Identify areas regarding graduate programs that need study (e.g., enrollment trends, admission criteria, assessment studies), and request
that these studies be initiated. Offer guidance to units in the process of starting new graduate programs. Offer guidance and assistance to meet outside accreditation (e.g., impact
statements, general support for connecting to appropriate support office for data).Consider and act upon all other matters that are relevant to graduate studies standards (e.g., pre-admissions, enrollment, retention, and graduation). Formulate, review and recommend policies and criteria regarding graduate courses.

The membership of the Graduate Council Committee shall consist of the following voting and non-voting members:

The voting members of the Graduate Council shall include:
The graduate coordinator, chairperson, or their designee for each approved graduate degree published in the campus Academic Plan. Graduate programs may send additional nonvoting representatives
One graduate student selected by the Associated Students, Inc.
Ex officio (non-voting) members shall include:
Dean of Graduate Studies and Research
Coordinator of Graduate Studies
Dean of University Library or designee
Chair of the Educational Policy Committee
Director of Admissions and Records or designee
Chair of the University Writing Committee
College Deans or their designees

An executive Graduate Council committee will be formed at the beginning of each
academic year which consists of one faculty representative from each college or
constituency. The executive committee will work with the Grad Council Chair, the
Graduate Studies Coordinator, and the Dean of Graduate Studies and Research to
function as a steering committee for the Graduate Council.

The Graduate Council shall meet at least five times each academic year. Additional
meetings may be called at the request of the Chair or of a majority of voting
members who petition the Chair.

Committee Members (2023-2024)

Executive Board: 

  • Antonia Boadi (Chair) (CNBS)
  • Cheyenne Cummings (Vice-Chair)
  • Katy Pinto (CNBS)
  • Julie Jhun (COE)
  • Karen Quek(CHHSN)
  • Betty Vu (CBAPP)
  • Lynda Wilson (CEIE)

Voting Members 

  • Antonia Boadi - Chair
  • Terri Ares (CHHSN)
  • Mohsen Behesti (CNBS)
  • Cheyenne Cummings (CNBS)
  • Edward Curammeng (COE)
  • Kate Esposito (COE)
  • Jiancho Han (CNBS)
  • Wendy Ashley (CHHSN)
  • Julie Jhun (COE)
  • Brian Jarrett (CAH)
  • Karen Quek (CHHSN)
  • Jane Lee (CAH)
  • Nallely Arteaga (COE)
  • Iara Mantenuto (CAH)
  • Mark Muller (CHHSN)
  • Heather Kitching (CHHSN)
  • Katy Pinto (CNBS)
  • Silvia Santos (CNBS)
  • Elwin Tilson ( CHHSN)
  • Betty Vu (CBAPP)
  • Fang Wang (CNBS)
  • Lynda Wilson (CEIE)

Non-Voting Members

  • Sheree Schrager (Dean, GSR)
  • Vanessa Cervantes (GS Coordinator)
  • Christina Rios (Admissions Coordinator)
  • John Hill  (Record and Registration Representative)


For meeting schedule, please contact Antonia Boadi, Graduate Council Chair.

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