Council of Department Chairs and Program Coordinators

Committee Membership: (2021-2022)

Committee Chair:
Ivonne Heinze Balcazar, Chair, Modern Languages, CAH

Cornelia Brentano
Pamela Krochalk
Jose Martinez
Laurie Inman
Mohsen Beheshti

Fall 2021 UDCPC Meeting Dates:

UDCPC is meeting on October 1st, November 5th & 19th from 3pm - 4pm. 

Council Charge

UCDCPC By-Laws and Operating Procedures

1. The University Council of Department Chairs and Program Coordinators (UCDCPC) of the Academic Senate shall review and make recommendations regarding the policies and term conditions of department chairs and program coordinators at CSUDH.

  • 1.1. Advise the Faculty Policy Committee (FPC) on workload, entitlement, and other personnel issues.
  • 1.2. Advise the Education Policy Committee (EPC) on matters of program quality, academic programs, and education policy.

2. The UCDCPC shall advocate on behalf of department chairs and program coordinators to improve the working-conditions of department chairs and program coordinators at CSUDH.
3. The UCDCPC shall discuss the issues affecting department and program quality.
4. The UCDCPC shall provide input for the Chairs/Coordinator Workshop Agenda.
5. The UCDCPC shall share its recommendations with the University community in regular reports to the CSUDH Academic Senate and other venues as appropriate.
6. The UCDCPC shall hold forums for discussions and recommendations about the responsibilities, challenges, and success of Department Chairs and Program Coordinators.
7. The UCDCPC shall establish and charge ad hoc committees of chairs and program coordinators for continuing or expanding study and review of college and university policy as the Council sees fit.
8. The Council chair shall present to the Council a plan of work in areas pertinent to the duties, responsibilities, and working conditions of department chairs and program coordinators of the different stateside Colleges and the Library Council of CSUDH.


Membership of the Council shall be composed of chairs or program coordinators (or former chairs and program coordinators) elected in each college by chair and/or program coordinator peers.

Membership shall consist of the following:

  • One chair or program coordinator elected by the college councils in each of the stateside colleges
  • The annually elected Chair of the Library Faculty Council or designee
  • One program coordinator elected by the Academic Senate
  • Elections shall happen annually in April; and in May. The Academic Senate Chair announces the members. 
  • Terms of membership shall be:
           -Two years for college representatives             
           -Terms of one year, in order to set up staggered terms, will begin with faculty from the CAH and the CHHSN. After the initial one
           -Year term, newly elected faculty from these colleges shall serve for two-year terms until the next election cycle.             
           -Two years for the Senate elected program coordinator             
           -One year for the Library representative.
  • The Council shall elect their own chair, and the term of service shall be for two years. The Chair of the UCDCPC shall receive 3WTUs of reassigned time for each year of service.