Resolution EPC 24-01 USLOAC Charge

Academic Senate Resolution

EPC 24-01

March 6, 2024

Resolution on the Charge for the University Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Committee

2nd Reading

Approve: 44/Oppose: 0/Abstain: 4

RESOLVED: That the below proposed language be accepted as the charge for the University Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Committee (USLOAC), and be it further

RESOLVED: That these changes be effective immediately, and be it further

RESOLVED: That this resolution be forwarded to the Provost, the President, the faculty of CSUDH, and the USLOAC.

RATIONALE: USLOAC is a critical committee to the operations of the University, and has been operating without a formal charge for years. The proposed language included below reflects current practice and the perceived best practices as determined by the current committee members, the immediate past Director of Assessment, and University staff who work closely with assessment. The one substantive change is the expansion of the committee to include two “at large” members. This is meant to address the increased workload of the committee. The document also aligns previous documents with current titles and office names.

Academic Affairs Document

University Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Committee


The University Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Committee (USLOAC) oversees the implementation and assessment of student learning in the university’s academic programs.

Purpose and Charge

To support faculty assessments of student learning outcomes, USLOAC:

Provides professional development to university faculty by various means including workshops and drop-in sessions to improve assessment proficiency.

  1. Supports academic programs with robust evaluations of assessment plan proposals submitted to the University Curriculum Committee.
  2. Relates learning outcomes in academic programs to other assessments of student learning, as led by the Division Student Affairs and by the Accreditation Liaison Officer in the Office of the Provost.
  3. Collects annual assessment reports from academic departments, providing them with customized feedback letters made available to the Program Review Panel for periodic program review.
  4. Provides summaries of its findings to the Academic Senate, Provost, and campus community.


The committee has at least five faculty members elected by the Academic Senate, seeking appropriate graduate and undergraduate faculty and college representation, and additional at-large members to meet the committee’s needs. Terms of service are on a staggered, two-year basis.

The committee has one representative from Associated Students Incorporated and the Chair of the University Curriculum Committee or designee.

Other members will include the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs or designee, and the Director of the Faculty Development Center or designee.

Faculty Director

To ensure staff and advisory support, the USLOAC will be chaired by the Faculty Director of Assessment, Academic Affairs. The Faculty Director is appointed by the Provost on the basis of demonstrated expertise and experience in the fields of student learning outcomes assessment and faculty development.

The Faculty Director shall serve a renewable three-year term.