Resolution EPC 23-13 *W Name Change to School of Public Health & Health Sciences

Academic Senate Resolution

April 26, 2023

W* EPC 23-13

Resolution in Support of Name Change of the Department of Health Sciences to the School Public Health and Health Sciences

Approve :41 / Oppose: 0 / Abstain: 2

RESOLVED: That the Department of Health Sciences be elevated from department to the School of Public Health and Health Sciences, and be it further,

RESOLVED: that ASCSUDH in accordance with Policy AA 2021-08, Department of Health Sciences, Department Chair, faculty, staff, and students support fully this name change, and be it further.

RESOLVED: that a town hall on April 10, 2023, showed strong support from the campus, and be it further,

RESOLVED: That the Director receive twelve-month support by way of leadership and administrative training and professional development opportunities both at CSUDH and at the CSU Office of the Chancellor (CO)), department chair reassigned time, chair’s salary, and appropriate department staff to be able to carry out their duties and be it further,


RESOLVED: That the School Public Health and Health Sciences have appropriate support staff, hiring lines, and office space to be able to function effectively and be it further,


RESOLVED: That the ASCSUDH distribute this resolution to the: President, Provost, Vice Provost, VP Administration and Finance, AVP of Faculty Affairs and Development, HR Director, Deans, Academic Resource Managers, Faculty, Staff, and Associated Students Inc.

RATIONALE:  This name change and elevation is supported by Dean Kim and Provost Spagna and has been approved unanimously by the EPC Committee.  This change is supported by faculty members as discussion about the change was approved by faculty in the department day-long faculty retreat in August 2021.  There was a near unanimous vote in favor of the proposed name of School of Public Health and Health Sciences. 

Other stakeholders have informally expressed their support of this name change.  For example, we frequently hear from students that when applying for a job, they do not indicate being a Health Sciences major.  This is because “Health Sciences” is so broad that potential employers have no idea of the specific content areas in which students have expertise.  The inclusion of “Public Health” in the degree name better reflects the focus of the content for those in the Community Health and Healthcare Management concentrations.  This is especially relevant when we establish the Master of Public Health (MPH) degree, currently under development.  Health Sciences also houses clinically specialized subprograms including Radiologic Imaging Sciences and Orthotics & Prosthetics.