Resolution FPC 23-12 Implementation of Revised RPT Rating Scale

Academic Senate Resolution

FPC 23-12

April 26, 2023

Resolution on Implementation of Revised RTP Rating Scale

2nd Reading 

Approve: 24 /Oppose:13 /Abstain:4  

RESOLVED: The Academic Senate of California State University Dominguez Hills (ASCSUDH) seeks to ensure a RTP process reflective of the University’s Mission and Vision to provide transformational educational experiences grounded in culturally sustaining practices, innovative research, creative activity, and community engagement for undergraduate and graduate students and

RESOLVED: The ASCSUDH acknowledges that the caliber of a university faculty [member] is the single most important index of the overall quality of the institution; therefore, be it further

RESOLVED: To that end, policies and procedures affecting the initial selection of faculty, as well as reappointment, tenure, and promotion, inevitably exert a central and long-lasting influence; and be it further

RESOLVED: To that end, evaluation of faculty performance against departmental guidelines should reflect best practices and inform faculty of their current level of achievement relative to the standards established in departmental guidelines that move beyond unsatisfactory, satisfactory and outstanding better informs faculty of their performance relative to their peers

RESOLVED: Implementation of a categorical rating scale that includes the following criteria Outstanding - describes truly exceptional performance, for a faculty member at their particular rank and career stage. Satisfactory - describes performance that meets expectations for a faculty member at their particular rank and career stage. Influence and Unsatisfactory - describes performance that is seriously deficient for a faculty member at their particular rank and career stage ; and be it further

RESOLVED: Department faculty, with the appropriate support of the Dean, will undertake the work of reviewing and changing as appropriate, any existing rubrics and guidelines in accordance with a three-point rating scale for probationary faculty evaluations; therefore, be it further

RESOLVED: Adoption of new guidelines will begin Fall 2024, in accordance with policy AA2012-02 faculty may be evaluated against the new departmental guidelines at their request; and be it further

RESOLVED: That the ASCSUDH distribute this resolution to: That the ASCSUDH distribute this resolution to the University President, Provost, President’s Cabinet, Statewide Academic Senate, College Deans, Department Chairs, Vice Presidents of Academic Affairs, the California Faculty Association, and all faculty

RATIONALE: Currently only faculty who are applying for early tenure and promotion receive an evaluation of Outstanding. The greater variance in the rating scale would provide feedback to untenured faculty members regarding their performance and may assist faculty in making the decision to seek early tenure and promotion.