Resolution EPC 24-08 Update to UCC Charge

Academic Senate Resolution

EPC 24-08

April 10, 2024

Resolution on the Charge for the University Curriculum Committee

2nd Reading

Approve: 28/ Oppose: 1/ Abstain: 2

RESOLVED: That the below proposed language be accepted as the revised charge for the University Curriculum Committee (UCC), and be it further

RESOLVED: That these changes be effective immediately, and be it further

RESOLVED: That this resolution be forwarded to the Provost, the President, the faculty of CSUDH, and the UCC.

RATIONALE: There is one important change that instigated this deeper consideration of the Committee charge. Previous committee charges and policies left unanswered the question of what body on campus has authority to approve changes to the curricular process. The major revision here makes it explicit that this is the purview of UCC. (Note that the implementation of such changes is generally not the work of this committee.) Suggestions for such changes might come from various bodies, for example the Graduate Council or the General Education Committee, but they would be reviewed and approved or not by UCC.

In the process of review of the UCC charge, reviewers noted that a few positions on the committee had not in recent memory been present on, or in fact known that they were technically on UCC. The current people in these roles, the Chair of the Program Review Panel, and the Chair of the General Education Committee, have been consulted and agree with the members of UCC that they do not need to be members of UCC (but of course might be consulted and invited to meetings as appropriate).

The document also aligns previous documents with current titles and office names.

AA Policy for UCC Charge with Edits