Resolution FPC 23-23

Academic Senate Resolution

*W FPC 23-23

Resolution on Co-Chair of the Academic Technology Committee

2nd Reading

October 25, 2023

Yes:     38/No: 0/Abstain:  2


RESOLVED: That the charge for the Academic Technology Committee (ATC) be amended to provide for a faculty Co-chair, and be it further

RESOLVED: The Co-chair be elected at the start of each academic year by the committee from among the faculty on the committee for the term of one year, and be it further

RESOLVED: That these changes be effective immediately on passage of this resolution.

RATIONALE: The ATC is a standing committee of Academic Senate and having it Co-chaired by a faculty member will bring it more into alignment with the other standing committees. Also, having a Co-chair will relieve the current chair of some workload associated with reporting and communication with Senate and its other committees.