Resolution FPC 23-15 *W Issuing Eligible NTTF CSUDH Business Cards

Proposed NTTFAB Resolution for the Academic Senate

April 12th, 2023

FPC  23-15

W* Resolution in Support of an Official CSUDH University Policy to Provide All Eligible

Non-Tenure Track Faculty with CSUDH Business Cards

Approve: 39/Oppose: 2/Abstain: 3

RESOLVED: That the Academic Senate of California State University Dominguez Hills (ASCSUDH) recognizes the invaluable contributions made to the campus by our Non-Tenure Track Faculty (NTTF); and be it further, 

RESOLVED: That the ASCSUDH also recognizes the important role that the NTTF serve as representatives of CSUDH, as they participate in a variety of campus outreach efforts to the wider community; so be it further,

RESOLVED: That the ASCSUDH, therefore, asserts that it is in the best interests of the University, Academic Affairs, and all campus colleges to implement a best practice standard that provides business cards to all eligible NTTF as a means of 1) validating their credibility as educators, 2) acknowledging their professional association with the institution, 3) promoting their coursework, research, production efforts, and publications, 4) increasing their visibility and recognition within the community at-large, and 5) connecting with colleagues, academic partners, employers, and prospective students; so be it further,

RESOLVED: All NTTF are eligible to receive University business cards.

RESOLVED: All NTTF business cards will be paid by the University administration, not by the departments.

RATIONALE: Given the broad institutional knowledge, demonstrated commitment to our campus, and familiarity with CSUDH’s mission, vision, and values that NTTF bring to the university, it is essential for the university to provide the NTTF with a tool that can be used to establish their legitimate affiliation to the campus, while simultaneously promoting CSUDH’s integral role in the community. Further, the provision of business cards to all faculty, is  certainly aligned  with recommendation’s specific to equitable and inclusive best practices for NTTF as evidenced in the FINAL REPORT-Non-Tenure-Track-Faculty-Task-Force.pdf (