Resolution EPC 23-22 Amending the EPC Charge

Academic Senate Resolution

EPC 23-22

November 8, 2023

Resolution on Accepting and Amending the EPC Charge

2nd Reading

Approve:  34   /Oppose: 0/ Abstain: 2

RESOLVED: That previously prescribed language in Senate resolutions EPC 17-16 & EPC 19-11, and made explicit in the attached document be accepted as the official charge of the Educational Policy Committee (EPC), and be it further

RESOLVED: That the charge for the (EPC) be amended to include the University Registrar as an ex officio voting member, and be it further

RESOLVED: That the regular meeting time for the committee be added to the charge, and be it further

RESOLVED: That these changes be effective immediately on passage of this resolution, and be it further

RESOLVED: That this resolution be forwarded to the Provost, the Vice-President of Student Affairs, the faculty of CSUDH, and the EPC.

RATIONALE: The initial “Charge language” for the EPC was prescribed in a Senate resolution, but never actually codified as a charge. The existing language on the EPC web page is the result of staff editing the resolution language.

The EPC, as one of the main policy recommending committees of Senate, deals with many issues that clearly involve the Registrar and the Registrar's workflow. It is clearly useful to have the Registrar “in the room” for discussions of such proposed policies so that their implementation can be affected smoothly when they become policy. Also, knowing the details of implementation of proposed policy, the Registrar might have critical input on what policies and procedures are practical and do not conflict with current practices. There are other examples of institutions at which the corresponding committee includes that position as a voting member.

The current members of the EPC have discussed this with the (current) registrar, and both agree that the inclusion would be useful to both parties. The members of the EPC also felt that the position being a “voting member” (although generally the committee operates more on consensus than actual vote) would be proper.

The faculty of the former “CEIE,” now “College of Continuing and Professional Education” are now all associated with a stateside college, and therefore do not need a separate representative.

Recent committee charges from Senate have consistently included the regular meeting time to help with decisions for service from faculty and to ensure meeting time do not overlap. The current meeting schedule is reflected here.

2. Ex-officio non-voting members:

  • Dean Undergraduate Studies, or designee,
  • Dean of Graduate Studies and Research, or designee,
  • Vice Provost, or designee

The meeting time shall be at 16:00 on each Tuesday preceding the regular Academic Senate meeting during the academic year, unless the committee reaches a consensus to meet at a different time.