The Africana Studies Department, at CSUDH, offers continuous advising for students regarding program and departmental requirements, course availability, graduate school, and career options in Africana Studies and related fields. 

Academic Advisement

The Africana Studies Department is designed to allow students maximum flexibility to tailor their major to their interests and needs. Students should therefore seek faculty advisement upon entering the program and routinely thereafter. Faculty advisors work with students to provide information about departmental requirements, course availability, course-work and career options. Advisors will also help students prepare for graduate work in Africana Studies and related fields. All Africana Studies majors must have on file an Advisement Form, available from the department office.

Students expecting to graduate must also fill out a Graduation Advisement Form by the third week of the semester prior to the expected semester of graduation. Both forms must be filled out in consultation with department faculty or a designated (Africana Studies) department undergraduate advisor.

Africana Studies Advising Worksheet