Dinner with Toros

Introducing our Dinner with Toros program! In coordination with the CSUDH Career Center, this program aims to allow alumni to host dinner with current students to share their experiences and expertise in their industries.  This gives students the unique opportunity to ask questions about their fields of interests and seek guidance in navigating closer to their desired career after graduation.

Alumni wishing to host dinners can do so at their own discretion and must meet certain criteria.  Alumni applicants will be screened based on degree status, current employment and proximity to the campus. Alumni hosts will select the number of student participants, based on registrations from ToroLink. Hosts will cover payment of all participant meals, which will be considered a gift-in-kind back to the University. Alumni can host at a location of their choosing. When in doubt, we suggest utilizing a restaurant near campus so the students don't have too far to travel. A dinner package will be provided to each host prior to the event date with attendee information and instructions on talking points.

Alumni apply here:

  • Complete the online application for our consideration
  • Upon review of your application, you will be notified to host via email
  • Host will determine how many students to attend and eligibility
  • Program instructions and guidelines will be forwarded to the host
  • Alumni Office will coordinate dinner with host and students

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