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Shirley Summers — B.A., Psychology, 2005

Shirley Summers

I Empower Wellness

Shirley Summers is the Chief Executive Officer of Behavioral Health Services, Inc. (BHS). She has been with BHS for 28 years and has served as a counselor, clinical supervisor, program director, Director of Quality Assurance, and Director of Clinical Services prior to accepting her current role. While serving with BHS, Summers co-authored a substance abuse chapter of a nursing pharmacology textbook, served as adjunct faculty at Cal State LA, and trained medical students at Loma Linda University. She also served as an Accreditation Surveyor for a post-secondary educational institution and presented on substance abuse and addiction at multiple conferences. Summers currently consults for the California Institute of Behavioral Health Services by assisting individuals and agencies throughout the state in licensing and certification attainment and compliance.