Jamina O. Barnes Scholarship Recipients

Previous Recipients

Portrait of Justin OrtizJustin Ortiz (2020)


"I wish to thank the committee for its time and efforts put forth. Your scholarship is an investment in a determined young man who will continue to push towards becoming a versatile college student. In the future, I also would like to create a scholarship of my own to help those who strive in becoming first generation professionals in their craft."

Portrait of Kristin ChandlerKristina Chandler (2020)

Negotiation, Conflict, Resolution, & Peacebuilding

"Thank you for your generous scholarship. Through your support, I'm able to continue my graduate program. I believe that I have grown so much here at CSUDH, and I have met people who have positively influenced who I am today. CSUDH is a great school, and I am thankful that I had the opportunity to attend this university. Thank you for investing in my future! Go Toros!"

Thumbnail of Naomi OkumuraNaomi Okumura (2019)

Political Science

“This scholarship means a lot to me because it is my first scholarship ever. I am especially thankful for the academic support that I was able to receive at CSUDH that helped me excel. I feel very honored to receive this award and it inspires me to work even harder and be part of the alumni network where I can hopefully contribute to helping future students when my time comes.”

Thumbnail of Jonathan FarrellJonathan Farrell (2019)

Master of Social Work

“Finding out I was chosen as a recipient for the Jamina O. Barnes Memorial Scholarship came as quite a shock. Understandably, many students that attend CSUDH are in need; because of the financial privilege awarded to me by the scholarship committee, I have been allowed to focus my efforts in hopes of building our student community rather than worrying about how I will able to afford much needed resources (food, books, tuition). Go Toros! Toros Take Action! Shout out to my Master of Social Work students!”

headshot of 2018 Alumni Scholarship recipient Johnny Martinez Jonny Martinez (2018)


"I want to thank the alumni and staff who provide scholarships to economically help students in need. With the scholarship, I will now be relieved from the stress of paying for housing at CSUDH. I can now focus more on my education and continue to succeed."

Cesar AmparoCesar Amparo (2017)

History & Philosophy

"School is something that has always been important to me. Thanks to the Jamina O. Barnes scholarship, I've been encouraged to continue and engage in my academic pursuits."

Crystal Yanez

Crystal Yanez (2016)

Human Services

"The Jamina O. Barnes scholarship has given me the hope, courage, and financial assistance to continue my education. The scholarship has taught me that although I have challenges, the scholarship has given me an advantage. I cannot say thank you enough, and I am proud to be Toro."

Natalie Liberman

Natalie Liberman (2016)
Business Administration

"It is an honor to have received the Jamina O. Barnes Memorial Scholarship and I am proud to represent CSUDH through my community service efforts. I enjoy helping students achieve their academic goals and I am truly thankful the CSUDH Alumni Association recognized my efforts.  This scholarship will help lighten my financial burden which will allow me to focus on my studies and research projects."