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For more information about the university's response to COVID-19, go to the Toros Together Page


• The Art and Design Department is pleased to offer three new Bachelor of Arts degrees starting in Spring 2022.

The new degrees are 

B. A. in Art History with the prefix of ARH (in the catalog search “Art History”) 

B. A. in Design with the prefix DGN (in the catalog search “Design”) 

B. A. in Art with the existing prefix ART (in the catalog search “Art”)


PHOTOGRAPHY MINOR with the prefix PHT (in the catalog search "Photography")


Make sure to meet with the advisors in your area for updates and graduation requirements, as many course numbers and prefixes are changing to reflect this exciting new change. 

Art History Degree:    

Dr. Kirstin Ellsworth:


Design Degree:         

Michele Bury


Danielle Heitmuller


Ellie Zenhari


Art Degree:    

Jim Keville - Chair


Devon Tsuno




Fall 2021 Art and Design Department ANNOUNCEMENTS

Art and Design Department Updates Regarding COVID-19

Hello! Thank you for visiting the Art and Design department webpage. As you know, the COVID-19 situation has brought on many rapid changes that are ongoing. However, our desire to promote student learning and success has not changed! Please take a moment to read the following information items:

The Art and Design Department Office:

As we begin the Fall 2021 semester, more of the campus community are slowly returning to campus.  The Art and Design department office will be open 2 days a week (Currently Mondays and Fridays).  Email is still the best way to contact and communicate with a member of the department.  If you do need to call, though, the number is (310) 243-3310.  The College of Arts and Humanities phone number is (310) 243-3389

 Information regarding advising in the major is at the bottom.

Art and Design Department’s Catalog Description

Art History: All Art History course have moved to an online delivery.

Design: All design courses have moved to fully online delivery.

Studio Art: Most Studio art courses will be taught remotely with the exceptions of ART 150/361/463 (Ceramics 1,2,3) and ART 392 (Mixed Media Sculpture) These courses have limited face to face contact with small groups meeting as they follow safe social distancing measures. No face to face meeting will happen until the week of February 1st. Face to face meetings, although encouraged, will not be required for completion of course curriculum. Safety is our highest priority and we want to provide flexibility for your comfort and safety. For more information on these specific courses, please contact the instructor.

Generally speaking, e-mail gives you the best way to contact us. Of course, if you have a question regarding your Art and Design classes, you should contact your instructor directly. If you want more general information and want to e-mail the department, it’s a good idea to include our office administrator and the department chair. General advising questions can be directed to department chair, Jim Keville. See contact information below and one of us will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • Sharrae Evans (office administrator):
  • Jim Keville (department chair):
    • Fall 2021 Office Hours: Mondays: 10:00am – 2:00pm; Wednesdays: 9-11am; and by appointment.  Please email Jim Keville to schedule a meeting either to meet in person or on a Zoom video meeting.

Department Full-Time Faculty

Michele Burymbury@csudh.eduDesign
Dr. Kirstin Ellsworthkellsworth@csudh.eduArt History
Danielle Heitmullerdheitmuller@csudh.eduDesign
Jim Kevillejkeville@csudh.eduStudio Art
Aandrea Stangastang@csudh.eduGallery Director/Faculty
Devon Tsunodtsuno@csudh.eduStudio Art
Ellie Zenhariezenhair@csudh.eduDesign

Department Faculty Lecturers

Steve Andersondanderson@csudh.eduPhotography
Daniela Campinsdcampins@csudh.eduStudio Art
Kellan or kellanbking@csudh.eduStudio Art
Brenda Knepperbknepper@csudh.eduDesign
Angela Lessingalessing@csudh.eduGE ART 101
Gregory J. Mocilnikargmocilnikar@csudh.eduGE ART 101
Aaron Perry Zuckeraperryzucker@csudh.eduDesign
David Parsonsdparsons@csudh.eduART 301
Lawerence Ramirezlramirez196@csudh.eduArt History
Jimena Sarnojsarno@csudh.eduStudio Art
James Scarboroughjscarborough@csudh.eduGE ART 100
Ingrid Steineristeiner@csudh.eduArt History/GE
Bonita R. Tanakabtanaka@csudh.eduDesign

University Art Gallery: While the University Art Gallery remains closed, it continues to provide virtual resources for students and the community. Past exhibitions are documented on the site. From A Distance, the University Art Gallery’s virtual COVID-19 response programming launched in Fall 2020.

Two of our Instructional Support Technicians will be present on campus most weekdays in LaCorte Hall (LCH) during the Fall 2021 semester.  They will be available to help students check out equipment and/or pick up materials and supplies plus any additional instructional support students may need. 

Campus visits must adhere to all the university, local and state Covid-19 safety guidelines.  Mask wearing and social distancing must be practiced.

Contact: Karen Mossiah (IST Design)
Greg Mocilnikar (IST Studio Art)

For all majors, please pay attention to your instructors Blackboard posts, and/or contact them direclty by email.

Student advising will take place remotely, via video meetings. If you need advising in the major you may contact one of your primary advisors to request an appointment. All instructors will have virtual office hours that will be announced in individual courses. The following are the primary advisors for each Art and Design option:

Art History Option

Design Option

Studio Art option

We thank you for your patience during this difficult time and look forward to serving you. Please continue to practice healthy habits. Wash hands frequently, avoid gatherings of people. Reduce your exposure to the general public, stay at home as much as possible. If you are sick or are showing symptoms, self-quarantine and seek medical attention if needed.

Jim Keville, Department Chair