On-Campus Interviews

On-Campus Interviews

Thank you for your interest in recruiting at CSUDH. Employers may schedule interviews on campus to interview graduating students for full-time professional positions requiring a bachelor's or master's degree, or to interview currently enrolled students for paid internships.

If you are trying to fill multiple openings, the On-Campus Interview program may be your answer. For a fee of $100, the On-Campus Interview program enables you to conduct initial screening interviews without the hassles of screening resumes and scheduling candidates yourself. Interview dates are available for October through November and February through May during regular office hours. Interview rooms are located in the Career Center. They are comfortable and are equipped with a table and chairs. 

Benefits of an On-Campus Interview (OCI)

Your success in attracting qualified candidates to interview can be positively impacted by several factors: the appeal and uniqueness of the position, competitive compensation, and proximity to Los Angeles/Orange County.

It is typical for an interview schedule to yield 25% for a second interview, though it is not uncommon for employers to report that 30-40% of candidates will receive a second.

OCI Guidelines

  1. You may recruit for one position description, or a mix of positions on the same schedule.
  2. It is recommended that you have a minimum of two openings available at the time of interviews. Position start dates for graduates should accommodate the new hire's graduation date.
  3. Staffing agencies are not eligible to use the program unless they are recruiting for internal hires or for a specified employer who has outsourced the recruitment function to them.
  4. Direct marketing firms or any other enterprise that require a monetary investment from the job candidate as a condition of hire are not eligible.
  5. Generally speaking, for full-time positions, we do not invest staff time and other resources required to promote your opportunity through the On-Campus Interview Program if compensation is less than $30,000 annually.

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