For those of you who have a family member attending college, remember that both they and you are taking on new roles, and as such, we are here to offer you support.

First, remember that you are already showing your student, your scholar, support to attend college by participating as a parent at New Student Orientation (NSO). NSO will offer insight and opportunity to your scholar's new life as a Toro. Please check the Orientation website for dates on New Student Orientation held between May and August.

As your scholar embarks on this new journey, they may incur new realities, which may include the following:

  • Stress: from an unfamiliar environment, meeting new people, fears that college professors demand more, exams, term papers, not being able to find a space in the parking lot.
  • Time management: You may need to change or rearrange expectations for family obligations, household duties, etc. Your student may not be able to babysit a sibling if they need to study for an exam. Students are expected to show up for every class, as attendance is critical in your scholar's learning and often part of their grade.
  • Irregular hours: Class schedules are different in college. A student may not have any classes on a Tuesday or Thursday but that doesn't mean they are "free" (they need time for studying, using the library, computer lab, etc.). The rule is generally to plan for two hours of study time for each hour of class. For some subjects, more time may be required.

Next, recognize ways to support your scholar as a result of their new success as a Toro:

  • Try to share new learning experiences with your scholar and grow together through their learning. Their exposure to a vast array of information will enhance and create new experiences they can share with you through knowledge, skills developed, and other developed ways of learning.
  • If your scholar comes to you to discuss their new college experiences, successes, and challenges, listen to them and hear their voice. You can also refer them to our office or the other offices on-campus here to support your scholar with various resources to ensure their Toro success.
  • Try to discuss and clarify your expectations vs. your scholar's expectations regarding their choice of major, grades, and role as a family member, spouse, parent, mentor, and friend. Are they the same or different? Discuss this new reality with your scholar and the impact on your relationship.
  • College students thrive with positive reinforcement from you. The responsibility of a scholar in college could be much different than in high school. If your scholar begins to struggle, that is okay; we are here to help with various resources offered to support their success. Let them know they can contact us today.

The Career Center provides a broad range of counseling, career, and employment services to students, which include:

Final thoughts...

Sometimes the best support you can offer your scholar is by reminding them there are people on campus who want to help them succeed and reminding them that you want them to succeed. Your Toro is our Toro, and we are delighted they choose CSUDH. Go Toros.

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