Computer Science Supplementary Authorization

Introductory CSSA Certification for Elementary School Teachers

Specific CSSA Certification for Middle School and High School Teachers

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Become a Computer Science (CS) Teacher

CS Supplementary Authorization Certificates

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Why join this program?

  • Designed for K-12 Educators
  • Complete 10 to 13 university units that can be submitted for district salary points
  • CS in increasingly critical for student success in college and career
  • Expand your knowledge in computer programming, computer networking, software design, social issues in computing, and CS teaching methods
  • Become eligible to add supplementary authorization to your current teaching credential

Program Details and Important Dates

  • The program will be divided into three or four courses, each course 12 weeks in length.
  • CSSA Introductory requires three courses, and CSSA Specific requires an additional course.
  • Please refer to schedule for when the program starts
  • Each week will consist of up to 2.5 hours of synchronous instruction (usually Wednesdays from 5:00PM - 7:30PM) and up to 2.5 hours of asynchronous instruction.
  • This program doesn't require any experience in computer programming!