CSSA Program Schedule

List of CSSA Cohorts at CSUDH

Cohort NumberDurationType
CSSA Cohort 1Sep 2019 - May 2020Specific
CSSA Cohort 2Mar 2020 - Dec 2020Specific
CSSA Cohort 3Mar 2020 - Dec 2020Introductory
CSSA Cohort 4Apr 2022 - Apr 2023Specific
CSSA Cohort 5Apr 2022 - Dec 2022Introductory
CSSA Cohort 6Sep 2022 - May 2023Introductory/Specific

CTC 385Intro to Programming3N/AIntroduces computing practice first, and then the concept of programming using block-based and visual (drag-and-drop) programming language such as Scratch. Students will also be exposed to pseudocode and algorithm design.Fall, Spring, Summer
CTC 386Computational Thinking and Programming3

CTC 385

Restricted to majors. Introduces computational thinking and problem-solving frameworks first, and then uses Python to teach programming concepts and problem-solving skills. Ethics in computing is also discussed.

Fall, Spring, Summer

CTC 387Computer Networks, Communication Devices and Methods4CTC 386Restricted to majors. Introduces computer system, network and communication devices first, and then introduces how to identify hardware and software failures, and use tools to perform diagnosis. Social and legal issues in computing, and pedagogy in computer science are also discussed.Fall, Spring, Summer
CTC 389Data Structures and Software Design3CTC 387Restricted to majors. Introduces different data structures and algorithm design principles first, followed by different software design models. Advanced Python programming techniques are also discussed.Fall, Spring, Summer