Faculty/Staff Refunds

Cancel/End Payroll Parking Permit Deductions

  • No further action is required from you. 
    • Payroll Services will alert Parking Services of cancelled deductions on a weekly basis.
    • If a refund is due Parking Services will process a refund request on your behalf.
    • Refunds for Fiscal Year 2019/2020 are no longer being issued.

Please note: Once your deduction is stopped it will only be reinstated upon your request. If you automatically receive a new Fiscal Year permit every June because you are enrolled in payroll deduction, you WILL NOT be issued one for the upcoming Fiscal Year until you reinstate your payroll deduction.

Refunds for Permits Paid in Full 

  • Please only fill out the box shaded in grey.
  • Due to COVID-19 social distancing practices:
    • Email the completed form to
    • In your email include: 
      • The signed and dated “Refund Application and Check Request” form. 
      • A scanned copy or picture of your parking permit. 

Refund Schedule

As of March 2020

Permit Type

Pro-Rated Refund Amount
Fiscal YearAmount of full months remaining times monthly rate per CBA.

Spring Faculty/Staff Permit


Academic Annual Faculty/Staff Permit


Student Refunds

***Please note: The process below is temporarily unavailable due to COVID-19. Please see our announcement regarding Student Refunds on our home page***

  • Only fill out the box shaded in grey
  • Submit the filled out form with your permit attached to Parking Services located at RPM-200.