Detectives at the CSUDH Police Department serve the university community in a number of ways. Detectives are responsible for:

  • Conducting follow-up investigations of crimes occurring within the University Police Department’s jurisdiction
  • Submitting criminal cases to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office and filing those cases in Superior Court
  • Submitting traffic citations to court
  • Traffic collision investigations
  • Pre-employment background checks for University Police Department employees
  • Internal investigations of citizen complaints
  • Registration of sex offenders who attend or are employed by CSUDH

Detectives receive specialized training in such areas as sexual assault, internal affairs, computer crime, burglary and theft, crime scene investigation, interview and interrogation, forgery, fraud, and background investigation.

Detectives work closely with other investigators through participation in such organizations as the International Association of Financial Crimes Investigators, Southern California Burglary and Theft Investigators Association, and the California Crime Prevention Officers Association.