Crime Prevention

Campus crime is one of the biggest issues affecting higher education institutions. Crimes such as theft, robbery, or sexual assault are sometimes prevalent on college campuses. Date rape is an ongoing problem throughout college communities. The possibility of any student becoming a victim of a crime makes it essential that every person learns how to stay safe on campus.

The majority of on-campus crimes are crimes of opportunity, including theft of private property such as backpacks, books, and wallets, and theft from vehicles. Awareness by members of the campus community is a major factor in reducing these types of crimes. Secure your property and immediately report suspicious activities to the University Police to help to minimize this type of crime.

People who live in University Housing should follow a few basic safety tips, such as walking to class in groups, especially at night, and always keeping their doors and windows locked. Don’t let people you just met or don’t know into your apartment without you.

Identity theft is another serious issue on college campuses. Every student must learn how to protect their identity from computer hackers and predators who may take personal mail directly out of garbage cans. Every year thousands of people have their identities stolen, and repairing the damage can be a long and costly process.

Going to college is all about learning and developing your education. While you are here, take some time to educate yourself about campus crime and how to prevent it.